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When someone tells me that spirituality and reality are different things, or that money and spirituality don’t match, or that science and religion are different things, it’s very easy to prove them wrong: I read more spiritual books than anyone I know, because I have enough money to spend time reading them without worries. And from what I came to know, this is a big advantage over individuals that spend over 30 years inside a religious group and don’t know as much as me about their own philosophical beliefs.

The real reason why colleges are broken into small pieces, called specializations, is exactly so that nobody, despite the amount of knowledge acquired, can ever grasp even a small amount of truth. The tendency is always towards automatization and analysis without conscience or moral insight. That’s how universities grow. At a certain point, it actually becomes a parasitic process, in which, unknowingly, the academics become so codependent that they can’t really detach without losing everything. Their fear about the unknown is very realistic indeed because their career and whole future depend on what they thinks. If they start thinking differently, first they will be slow down, and then face so many obstacles that may be actually pressured to quit and leave. That is why science is a new religion. You really need to believe in it to be part of it. Psychiatrists that research about reincarnation never receive any respect from their peers, and may never will, despite all the findings, because, ultimately, science is only made from what people want to see.

What many people see in such findings must be taken with a look from the opposite perspective. Many tend to claim that these scientists don’t seem to offer a definite and absolute theory on the subject, but is there any such thing as a definitive and absolute theory on any subject? If you answer yes, I assure you that you don’t understand enough about how science really works. Science is a big bullshit full of speculations, especially social sciences.

I never kissed the ass of my professors as my classmates did, and the vast majority hated me. It was very obvious for me that they were arrogant idiots. I used to tell them: I can say whatever I want and prove it scientifically. And they would get really angry when I said it, but it’s a truth. I applied it many times in their own papers and they couldn’t see it, not even if they had decades into teaching and holding a PhD. They couldn’t see the bullshit because it’s really that easy. I have even faked governmental studies I was requested to do by some companies because it’s really that easy.

Look at your computer! You think it’s safe, and protected, but a good hacker can prove you wrong. Surely, if you don’t want to even know how it happens, you’ll praise for a hacker to never do it to you, but that’s the difference between the people that live in the dark and those that really know how the world works. If you start doing something that becomes a threat to someone with power, whatever it is, you will find yourself in crazy situations that you don’t know what to do about. If you’re working on an important scientific project, for example, there will be some that, if needed, will use teams of investigators with a background in the secret services to steal everything from you, or even kill you and make it look like an accident if needed. That’s how many important scientists of the last decades ended, and surely what I just said applied for those working in the fields of energy and biochemistry.

Do people care about these facts? No! They will call you crazy. To this day, I have people calling me crazy and looking at me as if I had mental problems, when I say I had workers from Chinese Universities constantly entering my apartment and touching all my stuff. Yes, it’s really insane, but it’s the truth. Most people in the world are either crazy, or very stupid, or both. And when you join craziness, stupidity and power, then you arrive to a new definition called hell. Hell is this reality. When you really look at things as they are, you realize you are in hell. People that want to keep happy thinking and positive thinking, are naive, immature and dangerous even to themselves.

There are many things I don’t even talk to anyone because they freak out. Most people are really like little children in old bodies, despite their PhDs, experiences, etc. Trust me, I know many PhDs. I also know many psychologists and psychiatrists that hate me because I can see every single crap in their, so called, scientific procedures. But what I want to show with all this is that even science must be observed critically and metaphorically. It’s a difficult job, surely, but possible, with qualities that the academic field suppresses, like conscience, ethics and moral.

There are two reasons making me believe in reincarnation, and they can be combined, because they’re both scientific and spiritual. One is that I read about individuals that did such type of researches long ago, and constantly. Psychiatrists aren’t the first. In fact, it may shock you to know that psychiatry and psychology didn’t create anything new. Every concept they use to explain the main beliefs come from religion. Yes, every single one of them. But why most people don’t know? Because they don’t mix these topics like I do. That’s why they live in the dark of academic ignorance. In fact, in my classes with psychology students, I constantly witnessed psychologists making fun of religious people as if they were stupid and schizophrenic. So, why would a psychology student do something that seems against what he studies, like studying religion? They won’t. They think it’s stupid to do that. However, I’ve read many ancient religious books and can assure you it’s all there, in vivid detail, and often in a step-by-step explanation. The Vedas, written six thousand years ago, and copied from older texts that were lost, detail precisely the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind, while explaining that we need to bridge both to access freedom. Doesn’t this sound like what psychologists and psychiatrists do? Then, the Japanese Zen Buddhists, about five hundred years ago, detailed their experiences with different meditation techniques, most of them the basis of the apparent “original therapeutical” techniques.

Religion also uses science. That’s why it has followers. The problem with religion is that it uses science for other ends.

The vast majority is also completely blind to the fact that famous religions are controlled by the most powerful banking systems and personas Yes, it is shockingly true that the ones financing universities, also finance religion. It makes you think, doesn’t it? That’s the real world where we live right now.

The second reason why I believe in reincarnation is because the things you can’t study in rats have to be tested in yourself. I tested many on my own to see how far it worked. If reincarnation is real I should be able to regain lost skills, and if it wasn’t I would be wasting my time. So, for me is real, as I have no other way to explain all my skills. People can try to explain them as they want, because you can indeed create a theory for everything, like a religious dogma, or think I’m insane, which is often the case, but there is only one reason why a young person can know so much and do so much. And I don’t need to prove it in detail. My life talks for itself. We can always develop quite rapidly the skills that have been developed before. That’s how it works. It’s like reading a book with the sensation we have seen it before, and even not knowing that we might have written it ourselves. That happened to me many times. I’m not saying that I wrote those books. But the feeling is the same as reading a book for the second time. You can’t remember the details but you can understand the main point very quickly because it’s somehow familiar. Basically, this is what I did. First, I linked the concepts, based on what I studied about it, and then, I took advantage of that conscience to learn much faster than a common person would.

I also applied the same principles on children I worked with, and that’s definitely another major reason that makes me know how reincarnation applies. I couldn’t obviously say what I was doing, as I was just a teacher. But when a child had problems in learning something, I would try to know how he or she thinks, as the mental patterns would reveal a certain personality built from a previous life experience. Then, I would start from there. I would basically start from the assumption that I was talking to an adult, not a child. And that’s why my success rate was so fast and astonishing. I could and always bullshitted about the techniques used, which had their part as well, but not the main one. 70% of the success was based on thinking patterns from previous lives. Only 30% were the effect of the techniques used.

Sadly, I was often stopped from applying such techniques, which consisted only on strategies to regain control over the thinking patterns. And this happened because adults are actually afraid, as I came to notice, of children that know more than them, of children that can learn much faster than they ever did or saw in other kids, children that can ask the right questions on the right moment. It’s this fear that makes people behave stupidly towards their own sons or students. And then, it’s their assumption of what is normal in teaching, that leads them to force children to follow abnormal procedures. And that’s how the human spirit is crushed from an early age. By the time these children are 15 years old, they’re lost forever. Their thinking patterns become a danger even to themselves, as they’re often self-destructive.

This experience made me wonder what hope humanity really has. And I found the answer in the opposite, the elders. People start to wake up to reality when they’re between their 50 to 80 years old. It’s during this period that they start to question many things, even though using the wrong patterns. So, honestly speaking, people stop growing mentally when they’re around 6 and put in school. Then, they restart this growth at 50 and die with a body of 80 but a mind of about 20. That’s why some old people seem to talk about sex and society as if they were in their 20s. Metaphorically speaking, they are in their 20s. And when they die, they reborn as children that were never mature enough to understand life, but despite that have plenty of life experience already. That’s why children seem to be smart but not wise. They can understand the obvious even though doing the unpredictable.

You don’t have to believe in reincarnation to see the importance it has to our society or even ourselves. In other words, it’s not important who we were before, not as much as who we are now. Most people get easily distracted in these philosophies, not knowing that who they are now is really what matters. So, I don’t really care if people believe in reincarnation or not. I can always look at them and see the obvious that they can’t. It’s not because a person doesn’t believe in something that it won’t happen to them. The earth has always been round and gravity always existed, despite the fact that many didn’t want to believe in it and even laughed at those that claimed it to be true.

It’s also true that most people that believe in reincarnation are idiots. I don’t know why but I do see them all the time, so I can understand why people look at me as if I was crazy when I claim to belong to such social tribe. Most of what is said about reincarnation, or even written in books, is completely false and leads into many misunderstandings that can confuse anyone. I was in inside that confusion for many years as well, because I had the tendency to ask others for answers that only recently I found I should be looking on my own, as most are too stupid and can only distract the masses with their arrogance. That’s why I don’t suggest asking anyone about this topic. You can use some basic guidelines, found inside numerology, astrology and cartomancy, in order to know more about yourself instead of trying to get to any specific path.

Our past life may not be very nice, or as great as our present life. And it’s very disturbing to know you’ve killed other people before, or were hospitalized in an asylum, or murdered violently, or homosexual. All the socially unpleasant things that exist in this world could have been part of us.

I recently said something in a meeting that shocked people. I told them that in ancient times there were great civilizations that were lost because of the barbaric attitudes and criminal behaviors of the majority. And we were those barbarians because we’re still here but the intellectual knowledge of that time period isn’t.

You see, people never want to assume that they were always in the wrong side of history. And I’m here even talking about it from a biological point of view. But, furthermore, a DNA research done recently has proven that most people have cannibalistic tendencies in their DNA. In other words, for most of us, our ancestors killed other humans to eat them. This isn’t nice to know, is it? But it’s the reality. Many of your ancestors were making barbecues with the neighbors, not inviting them to share the food but making them the food, and that’s very likely from where our joy of doing it and eating pork meat still comes. No wonder the Bible and the Quran prohibit eating pork as it’s the animal whose DNA most resembles the one of man.

I think most people want to believe they were kings and princesses to gain a sense of importance. And they never understand that nobles, like my ancestors, belonged to nobility because they were violent and crazy. In ancient times, titles were given to whoever can chop more heads with a very heavy sword and isn’t afraid to die.

Obviously, at a certain point in time, my family didn’t have to chop heads anymore, and that’s when nobility became something else, namely, the power of knowledge. 200 years ago, over 70% of the European population couldn’t read, and my family had judges, lawyers and physicians. Imagine yourself a judge in a country were 70% can’t even read! THAT’s POWER! Well, in today’s world the real monarchy are the ones controlling the banks, as they control everything else with money, which religion the social sheep should follow, which movies they should watch, which topics they can study in college, and how they should learn. And that’s an even far higher level of social power. Compared to the banking family that controls England, their Queen is really a nobody.

It’s quite intriguing to see the satanic mindset that most people have towards money. It’s as if, after thousands or years of evolution, they still believed that there is a shortcut to money. Somehow, in their subconscious mind, they think there is a treasure hidden somewhere or that they just have to chop as many heads as possible to gain it. That’s why the vast majority is very aggressively competitive, selfish and prone to conspiracy theories like the ones heard in religious groups or the bullshits we get from history books. The need to steal and feed from our neighbors is still predominant if the vast majority of the extremely infantile world.

There seems to be an evolution occurring, but it’s an illusion. The gap between technology and the benefits it brings shows the obvious. The process to evolve remains the same, despite the fact that humans don’t seem to evolve as rapidly as the world where they live.

Life our planet and its race of people, each human has a spiritual history as well. And if you want to climb the ladder upwards, you must study your own history, your own conscience. This conscience is manifested in present time, and whatever you can see defines who you are. There must be a necessary evolution of the mind and the spirit, towards the understanding that power comes from altruism and cooperation, not competitive rivalry. You must evolve from sheep to shepherd!

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “A Theory of Reincarnation”

A Theory of Reincarnation