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Once upon a time someone decided to hit a rock with a stick, and there came sound. More sounds were created and music was born;

Once upon a time, someone decided to hit a rock on another, and there came a spark. More sparks were created leading to a thunder effect and fire was born;

Once upon a time, someone decided to join a body unto another, and there came an emotion. More emotions were created leading to ecstasy and love was born.

The sound of a voice can be harmonic, while the sound of an earthquake can be chaotic;

Fire can cook our food, and burn us alive too;

People can feel compassion for one another and hate too.

What happens when we combine sound, fire and emotions? In an ancient time it led to tribal celebrations and rituals. Now, it often leads to violence and terrorism.

What happens when we combine sound, fire and emotions within us? Sound become silence; Fire becomes energy; Emotions become you.

For the masses, deluded by sound, fire and emotions, there is a Virgin, a Buddha, a Jesus Christ, a Mohamed, a Christian Rosenkreuz, a brotherhood of Aliens and Spirits, a God, a Satan, a Lucifer, a Beast, signs and symbols, and an ego. They are like children but not yet children, like a fire that has not yet been ignited, an emotion that wasn’t yet felt, a conscience that wasn’t yet recognized.

We are all master masons that haven’t yet found the sound, the fire and much less the emotions. All are born from conscience but conscience has been lost, and what a pity it is for the cosmic equation, the cosmic existence that we haven’t yet been born into. We are all within cosmic virginity.

How can you know thyself if you are still asleep, like the sleeping beauty, a snow white waiting for her prince or the beauty that hasn’t yet found love for the beast? In this orgasmic experience that is life, there’s still too much sleeping, delusion and rape. And yet, most people talk about positive thinking because they want to believe that this is just a big fairy tale. As children that refuse to grow up, we want to believe that this is only a story with a happy ending. But the happy ending is death. And how sad death is for the one that has never been awake. It is as the death of a zombie, the death of the undead.

We watch movies about zombies, unaware that they mock our own lack of conscience;

We watch movies about romance, unaware that they mock our own lack of emotions;

We watch movies about violence, unaware that they mock our own lack of fire.

We are like a virgin trying to manifest a Christian savior, a wildfire and a chaotic sound trespassing, invading and self-destroying, looking for a lost faith while emptying a vessel that was once full of hopes. We struggle against our emptiness while emptying more along the way. We are deluded souls deluding furthermore in the delusions of life. And when the delusions aren’t enough, we create more hope and more delusions and then continue emptying ourselves along the same path, immersing in our technology, our habits and rituals, and our thoughts.

The great mystery of life has never been a mystery. We are blindfolded virgins lost in the cosmic universe. But we do have the power to unfold ourselves, accept the orgasmic existence and expand into existence, moving upwards into the evolution plan set to our spirit.

You won’t find this path in any religion, from the most radical and public to the most esoteric and secretive. And if any book shows you such path, it is talking about one I’m describing here, as this is the only path available and there is no other. When you can be one with all things, when you can be everything and nothing at the same time, then, and only then, you have unfolded yourself, becoming ready for the journey, which you have never even know about. This is beginning of your first step, a step that the whole humanity, for thousands of years, has never decided to take.

In the social pyramid that life on earth represents, you’ll find yourself at the top once the knowledge of truth brings you there, simultaneously forcing you to depart from the majority, which will, in their turn, neglect your existence, laugh at your words and ridicule your name and image. However, that top isn’t enlightenment yet. It is the delusion of enlightenment in which many have gone lost.

You cannot be enlightened while being blindfolded, and that is what enlightenment is, an opportunity to unfold your eyes and accept the journey within the real light, the journey of a virgin in the cosmic family. Only then will you know the big secret, that you are everything you love and simultaneously reject.

The Greatest Secret in Human History is this: You are a virgin of sound and fire.

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “The Sacred Fire of the Phoenix”

The Sacred Fire of the Phoenix By Robin Sacredfire