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Cloud Atlas will give you many hints about life purpose, happiness, suicide, demons, reincarnation, etc. It’s one of the most amazing movies due to how it portrays human relations and how complete it is in its approach to spirituality.

There are 40 billion habitable planets within the Miky Way galaxy alone and many more outside of it. Some could be considered heavens while others would be hells due to the level of difficulty and amount of challenges presented to human life.

In each one of those planets, humans have a mission to accomplish as a community of god-like beings gifted with conscience, and within such dynamic, they’re responsible for their own fate, their own karma, and their next adventure into the universe of so many varieties presented to human life.

This experienced can be compared to traveling between countries. You may go from USA to China, and realize that China looks like a new reality, with a new race of beings, with their own rituals and beliefs, and governmental rules, and values. Indeed, you may feel that you’ve just arrived in a new planet. People behave differently, love is perceived differently and the challenges are different from the ones you had experienced before. However, after a while you’ll feel the need to explore more, and so you travel to other countries, like India, Thailand, France, Italy, Spain, etc. The more you travel, the higher and more expanded your conscience becomes, to the point in which you can feel something in common among so many different cultures, which is their common traits, namely, what defines them as earthly beings.

At this stage, you can see that life on earth is connected, and your life is connected to the life of others as well. You can also notice that what you disliked or liked in your own culture can be found in others, in a higher or lesser degree. And that’s when you realize why you’re on earth, what your mission is. From this moment on, your life becomes less important than your legacy, because you know that you might or not come back, and despite this fact, your spiritual adventure continues.

Jesus said: “My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” (John 14:2). The Father’s house is the Universe and the Rooms are the Planets. And this was the simplest way that Jesus had of transmitting his knowledge to very ignorant individuals, as he knew that people wouldn’t be able to understand the concept of “other earths“. The idea of a new house seemed more reasonable.

At the same time, Jesus assumed the responsibility of finding a home, a planet, for his followers. And that means he wasn’t thinking about leaving them behind, on earth, reincarnating in this planet. And why did he delliberately offered them a new “room”? Because earth belongs to Satan. It’s his realm and that’s why he can do whatever he wants with it. The prove is in Matthew 8:11, when the devil took Jesus to a very high mountain. showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory and said: “If you bow down and worship me I will give you all of this.”

It’s not really important if Jesus ever existed or if the Bible is just a mystical and allegorical book. The main point is that, throughout history, all religious books talk about the same. The first known advanced civilization on earth where the Sumerians. They wrote many things that are in the Bible already. However, their description of human history is the most solid and reasonable from an astrological perspective but also biological and genetical. According to them, we were created by an alien race (Annunaki) to be their slaves. That is why we have so many diseases and a very limited DNA. We weren’t created to be perfect, develop a spiritual conscience or live long but to work and obey.

Now, this isn’t very pleasant to know is it?! But it’s the truth nobody wants to hear.

There are 3 types of gods that tend to be confused in religious books and interpretations: One is the God of the Universe, the other is a representative derivative of the gods that enslaved humans, and the 3rd is the god that created our reality, which isn’t real but merely a psychological prison, a virtual construction, similar to video games.

In many ways, science is overcoming religion in dealing with spirituality, which is fascinating. Although, even more fascinating this becomes when we notice that science has become as dogmatic as religion and has now many problems in admitting the truth.

This truth has been shared for thousands of years among secret societies, being one the most ancient the Rosicrucian Fraternity. The Rosicrucians trace themselves back to Atlantis. Many famous people like Leonardo Da Vinci, were Rosicrucians. The Rosicrucians are even older than the Kights Templar while the Freemasons are more recent and adopted their philosophical principles.

The most amazing thing about the Rosicrucians is that important individuals needed them as much as they needed those individuals. The Rosicrucian philosophy is too complex to explain or even understand, including for those that are inside this group, and it’s actually possible that some humans know more than most Rosicrucians with decades of studying their philosophy.

Knowledge, as meditation, has many layers, therefore you can think about knowledge in this way: If I have nearly 20 years dedicated to a specific topic, it’s only normal that I know more than a person with 5. If I write books about what I know on this same topic, then that person can get a shortcut and know as much as me in less time. But now imagine the 2 persons being reborn again. It’s very likely that the one with the previous 20 years can learn much faster the same topic. That’s basically why some people know more about religion than any others on earth. They arrive from planets where spirituality is much more advanced and, when finding these fraternities, they share what they know, add books to their libraries and contribute to their advancements.

The whole human history wouldn’t have evolved without individuals that came from other higher realities, other galaxies. They are as angels in human bodies, and, under difference concepts, have continually manifested on our earth to upgrade it, uplift it and even offer the many religions promoting the evolution of conscience and compassion that we have today. These humans have a higher amount of compassion, are more predisposed for altruistic acts, can understand things faster than the majority, and have strong visions (brought from their past life) about how and in which direction humanity on earth should be moving.

They aren’t and weren’t perfect, as nobody is, but they were always a minority, and yet, a minority that made the majority move forward. Often, all that was needed was one book, to change everything and put us where we are today. Few really know how fast our world has evolved, from very barbaric laws and wars to the increasing amount of opportunities and options we have today.

We all have this background within us, and it’s the only gateway to higher realms. In other words, we must know who we are, to know who we were and where we are going, but also why. You can do this with meditation, with studying and the acquisition of wisdom, and with questions. But the 3 combined can make you faster because they connect the 3 fundamental elements of our alchemical transmutation: Heart, Mind and Instinct.

When we study with passion, we can realize that we know much more that what is presented to us, as if we were remembering instead of actually acquiring something new. Those readings open new portals once hidden inside the soul. That’s also how anyone can uncover past lives inside their own actions.

We tend to do what we feel like doing and avoiding what brings us discomfort. But often, these things are related to what we did before. So, for example, if I analyze my life, I’ve been connected to education and art since I was born, which made it likely that becoming a writer would be the next obvious step, even though I didn’t necessary choose it. It was merely what had been presented to me within the dynamics of planet earth at the moment and my personal need to evolve as a spirit. On the other hand, my previous lives would have to lead me to art and education, which means I could have worked in the religious field, as that’s what matches education and art in medieval times. And yet, this can be true if I consider planet earth. Because if I can consider others, the possibilities are difficult to determine. We can’t judge Europeans based on the Chinese, as much as we can’t judge North Americans based on Africans. The distinctions inside our planet are plenty, and enough to make us see that in another planet we would have been presented to other dynamics, in some points correlated, and in others completely different.

Within this dynamic, the physical world is just one part of it, because there is a spiritual world as well, and both are correlated. Neverteheless, the confusion we still live with on this planet makes us not understand what is happening. For example, you may be interested in knowing that the Vatican actually worships Satan, not God, and has secret chambers, where several witnesses, have reported to have seen human sacrifices. Some priests have also talked about it. In fact, in certain Latin prayers, that have been decoded, the phrase “Jesus son of Lucifer” was among the sentences used.

It may seem confusing to understand this issue, but God and Satan aren’t real, at least in how people tend to see them. There are merely different layers to God and how it is perceived. The God of Earth, the Jehovah, the God of the Vatican and the Bible is an evil God but rules this planet on his own. This is why the last Catholic Popes were Freemasons and both orders worship the God of light (Lucifer), or why the Freemasons created many Christian orders, like the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons, and none of them is in conflict within the basic principles and beliefs, even though many members may think so.

The higher and positive God can only be accessed from within, with enlightenment, the evolution of conscience, and that’s something that no religion can offer, but merely promote.

Our planet earth is hell and the “Tibetan book of the Death” was one of the first books to say it. There’s no other hell unless you want to consider inferior planets. On the other hand, this is already among the inferior planets of the galaxy for many reasons, being one of them the need to work, to use our body for actions, and the need to purchase things with paper (money). But also, the fact that that we can’t remember previous lives after being reborn, or that we tend to be imprisoned inside a physical body and limited by physical actions to improve our spirit, it’s also representative of a very decadent lifestyle for an immortal soul.

Above this reality, we have the God of the Universe, the good God, which can be found about in the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, the 2 best scriptures from the Hindu writings (actually older than Hinduism itself), and with about 4000 to 5000 years old, originating, not from India, but a bigger city with 32 thousand years, recently found near India, from where the Indian people originate.

As for many other mythologies, namely, Egyptian, Sumerian, Greek and even Pagan, they tend to be related to real facts, the Gods that enslaved humans. They were seen as Gods, as now Billionaires and Celebrities are by the rest. It’s just how humans were designed to behave, as sheep following a leader. Humans were genetically engineered to be dumb worshippers and hard workers. That’s why so many people take pleasure in saying “I’m busy”, even though most of the times they have no idea why they must be busy.

If you compare a dog with a wolf, it may seem that you’re dealing with different animals. However, humans created dogs to be obedient, useful and playful, not independent, wild and strong like the wolf from which dogs originate.

What happened to us, humans, isn’t different from what we did to chihuahuas. But we are deceiving ourselves if thinking that our superiority lays in our monkeylike instincts, as what makes us great are the godlike characteristics within us: Love, Creativity, Imagination, Wisdom, Intelligence, Communication and Inspiration.

This is the whole truth about humanity, from which 3 important conclusions can be considered:

1. Freedom can only be achieved by evolution of conscience and it’s exercised with studies that enlighten our spirit;

2. Planet earth is hell and ruled by Satan. There’s no escape from here, not even by reincarnation, because in the labyrinth of life you’re always being mislead to delusional ends. If you exercise your strength with your fists, you may be reborn weak in a reality that forces you to use your mind. If you exercise your power of wisdom, you’ll be reborn in a reality where you have to think about survival and eating before thinking. If you exercise your strength in your race, you may be reborn as the enemy of that race. And how enigmatic this is if we think that the Jihadists of today may have been the racist North Americans of yesterday, or that many blond North Europeans with blue eyes today may actually have been Jews killed in concentration camps. When we look at life from a spiritual perspective, the level of ignorance on planet earth becomes very obvious, and so obvious that the fact that this planet is a kind of Alcatraz for Spirits isn’t then difficult to accept.

3. “The truth will set you free” (John 8:32) but you must search for the truth and accept it before you can be free with it. The books that you don’t read aren’t useful books.

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “The 10 Commandments of Satan”

The 10 Commandments