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Governments control the population based on researches made by psychologists, and unfortunately most of those studies shows that the majority is very dumb and easily persuaded. This is why I often used documentaries based on a research in my classes. I wanted to show students the difference between what they think or believe and the reality. And often, the reality is that people making a difference for the better, people that can see what is happening, feel it and decide to take actions, are a very small minority. The majority are idiots and cowards without empathy. It sounds nasty and negative to say this, but try to do a social experiment yourself and see how everyone else reacts!

I have had fights in airports in which I’m refused to board the plane for stupid reasons, and I may even shout about it for everyone to know the injustice being applied using an arrogant abuse of authority. But do you think anyone cares? People look at me as if I was the bad one, the terrorist, the imbecile. And what about defending other people? I remember one day in college when 3 psychology lecturers were saying that students are dumb and must be forced to obey. I interfered, saying that this is not the proper way to motivate students to come to class or judge them, and these 3 individuals ridicule me in front of everyone. I was talking for those nearly 200 students, most of them future psychologists, but do you think anyone defended me? Nobody reacted. Some did come afterward to tell me that what I did for them was very important and impressive, and to show their support, which later allowed me to gain a significant reputation and win the Students’ Union elections. But during the moment I was being attacked, ridiculed and humiliated, nobody said one word. It was me, alone, against those 3 lecturers. So, if these future psychologists were cowards, imagine the rest.
I could continue over and over, with how the majority isn’t what it seems. But, again, it’s worth for you to see it for yourself. It’s really amazing when you find the truth on your own, and against everything you are told to believe all your life.
I’ve noticed something interesting when studying historical information, and that is that actually only a small amount of people keep changing human history. Sometimes, only one person that nobody talks about makes a huge difference in the outcome of a major global event, and that’s really impressive. But look at inventions! Many people tried to create a airplane but only two brothers did it. The same applied with the car, the smartphone, and so on.
When describing the past that keeps repeating, we can end up predicting the future. It’s like finding a chemical formula that perpetuates itself. In this case, a social formula. And there are both pessimistic and beautiful things into it. The pessimistic part is that the majority tends to behave like sheep, following their leaders blindly. The beautiful part of it is that evil always finished by itself, after destroying a reality that had to vanish. It’s as if Hiler was necessary to show the importance of human life in a world that couldn’t see it and supported him for financial and selfish reasons.
This is just my personal point of view but it does affect me as a writer. I want to believe, for example, that the American heroes that stopped the recent attacks inside the French train, read one of my books as that’s the mentality I promote in them. And I also want to know that my former students can change the world by realizing things that if I hadn’t told them they would never know.
Some people used to ask me weird questions and check my classes, as if I was part of a secret organization, but I always told them: I only say the truth to the students; If they believe it, what’s wrong with that? And that’s the thing. These people that feared such truth don’t know what is the truth and are afraid that their life is and may have always been a big lie. And that’s what I realized in many other individuals as well. They aren’t afraid of the truth as much as they are afraid of living a lie.
Everyone ends up creating a reality by action or with a passive attitude that eventually becomes a fact. Then, once a fact, it can’t be changed. There are many directions in life, and what we get is merely one of them. However, in the end, in a distant future, everyone may have to die for speaking something that for many centuries before was just being ridiculed and ignored. One day, when the truth is so unknown that becomes judged as unreal, one person may eventually be worshiped as a God or Goddess, for showing it. The lesson that Jesus shared with the world about compassion is as important as what an individual sent from the future would say to the past of mankind, to avoid a massive slaughter within humanity and the self-destruction of important values. This message was as important two thousand years ago as it is today for people that, despite all the tools of communication and teachnology to help them think more efficiently, still lack compassion and empathy for one another, still fear to oppose tyranny and die for the truth.
The path of a conscious minority, ridiculed, humiliated, persecuted and ultimately attacked by a majority, is not only the story of Jesus Christ, but the story of each one of us in the path of the truth.

Daniel Marques

Author of “The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite”

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