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It came to our attention that in the last months the Freemasons and other Orders have been selectively harassing and trying to take out activists in every single social media website. That’s their new target, in order to take out the ones that can significantly make a change in society. 22 Lions Twitter was a source of inspiration and very meaningful information for a long time. This, until twitter decided to ban us. How do they do that? We are being banned through a scam that always has the same guidelines, and therefore will here be exposed: Problem, reaction, solution. This is the strategy. In the case of Twitter, we were first approached by a person claiming to be a Freemason, after posting about Gmail and the fact that the symbol for Gmail is actually a freemasonic symbol. This person kept harassing us with questions, and we answer them all. We basically claimed not to be against freemasons, but merely in favor of the truth, which we believe that must be known. We answered these questions with more posts, proving, without a doubt, that Google is controlled by the Illuminati. And, soon after, we were banned form Twitter.
When asked for the reasons, twitter said we violated their guidelines. In other words, we were accused of harassment. Harassment towards the Freemasons? or Google?
Now comes the fun part. In order to re-open our account, twitter demanded us to introduce a mobile number, which would then receive a password. Simple, isn’t it? That’s the point! They banned us because of what we said against the illuminati, but they didn’t delete the account, because they actually want to know where we are and who we are. That ban is just a strategy to get to us. And we have seen this process occurring with Quora as well.

Be warned! Twitter, Google, Quora and many other websites are in the hands of Freemasons. They may not have RFID Chipped you yet, but they don’t need to. If they know where you are, thanks to your Smartphone, that’s all they need to get you. Today, you are banned because you have said the truth, tomorrow, you are killed because the truth becomes a crime.

Today, you cannot open almost any account on the internet, or even express your thoughts, without registering with a mobile number or a Google/Facebook/Twitter account. They want to know where you, every single one of you, is, 24 hours a day. And they can track you, listen to your conversations, and record every single text message sent or received from your mobile. In fact, they can create a whole map of your contacts, and know exactly how influential you are to society. And, if they know where you are all the time, killing you couldn’t be easier. But they can do far more than this. If they know where you are, anyone can approach you in their name, and you won’t ever know if the person that talks to you is just a common citizen or an agent. And I’m not talking about agents of the government, because just like simple pathetic freemasons of the lowest ranks are being used by the ones the in highest ranks for their ends, the same individuals can do anything that is required just to keep their sense of importance by belonging to their Order. The individual that harassed us on twitter was clearly an idiot without any notion of what freemasonry truly is, but deliberately acting in their name in order to take us out, which the owners of twitter were actually expecting already. The freemason approaching us was the problem, we reacted to it, and a twitter ban was the solution. And what did we do exactly to deserve that? Most people are so indoctrinated by a false concept of good and evil, that they immediately assume that twitter is an authority with proper judgment over what is right and wrong. They forget that twitter is controlled by people, and these individuals can be very evil.

There’s no escape anymore. There are too many idiots in this planet, and the illuminati are taking advantage of this fact, by using their dogs to extend their net of influence. The behavior of these companies leave no room for doubt. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Amazon are pure evil. Freemasonry is evil. And this evil is very rapidly extending its claws to the society, leaving not even one single human being out of the satanic equation. You have been warned! There is no way to escape this net anymore. But when time comes, Hitler will look like a saint compared to what will be done to the world.

Christians are weak and selfish cowards. They don’t care about you! They care about themselves. They want the world to end, because they believe they will all be saved, go to a better world, and you won’t.

Common people are stupid and lazy. They don’t care about the truth! They care about their selfish needs. They want to be able to sit in front of a tv, eat potato chips and fart all day long.

Your parents, neighbors and friends are delusional. They don’t want to hear the truth! They want to believe that the world is full rainbows and there are no demons. They want to believe that everything is fine, even if they need to kill you to prove it.

This world is finished and everyone is going to die miserably. God doesn’t care about nobody here, because humans have went backwards in their sense of responsibility. Humans have become more selfish, introverted and delusional. They don’t protest anymore, they don’t throw stones at their leaders anymore, they don’t organize aggressive manifestations anymore, and they are too afraid to confront the police and be arrested. Humans are just sheep now, and God doesn’t want sheep. The Church does.

If you think that mediating will get you out of your misery, you are being delusional. Do your yoga for as long as you want, but the world will still burn while you exercise and pretend your inner purity can save you from the facts.

We truly believe that nobody will be saved. And that’s why there’s actually no rapture. Just death! It has happened before in other planets, and will happen on earth as well. Many alien races have become extinct in the same way. The human race will just be one more.

If this website is taken down, know it was because of this text.