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I’ve been a famous DJ, world awarded music producer, and met many popular musicians as well, therefore, I have a viewpoint about sound and music that the vast majority around the world doesn’t, and it’s difficult to argue when people know less but are sure of their convictions.
To give you an example, days ago I met a girl that organizes music events and asked me if I am aggressive. I was confused with the question, but then she explained that she found my sound to be too aggressive, and for me that’s a very ignorant statement for someone that organizes music events. I could understand it if coming from someone else. So, the best I could do was to explain to her that aggression is energy, and energy can only be judged by intention. Yes, a lot of my performances were very aggressive in sound, because, as a DJ, I love to raise the energy level as much as possible, but people don’t beat each other at my parties, nobody ever got hurt with my performances. Instead, they laughed, felt happier, made connections and expanded their mind.
One thing is to have a DJ to dance, and another thing is to have one that makes you dream and feel empowered. I never enjoying having fans that just dance. I always wanted them to feel what I was doing. And it’s very easy to see that by how they move to the rhythms, although it is something most DJs are totally clueless about.
If a person uses the word “aggressive” to describe what I do, there’s not much I can say. On the other hand, I once sent the same type of music to a friend that lives in Canada and she told me she jumped on the bed at the sound of it and loved it.
The same sound makes one afraid and the other excited. Why? Because it’s just energy. And people have a tendency to judge energy by their state of mind, not realizing that what they say doesn’t define the other person but themselves only.
You would be surprised to the variety of musical styles I listen to, and this because I feel the energy in the music, the purpose of the producer, and not just what I perceive with my brain. For example, some artists can seem completely different in style, and yet I appreciate them equally, within my own vibration, and see them as having great quality. Some artists and bands that seem completely distinct between each other have been my favorite for many years, in many cases for more than 20 years, and have definitely also been influencing me both as an individual and musician: Sacred SpiritTwo Steps from HellEnigmaNajoua BelyzelMylene FarmerSisters of Mercy, ManowarWithin TemptationRammsteinMarilyn Manson, MoonspellSlipknot, SepulturaSoulfly, Rage Against the Machine, Jay-Z, EminemThe ProdigyAngerfistCombichristBlutengelScooter, Kai Tracid, TomcraftCosmic GateArmin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Nadia Ali, Arash
Furthermore, it may surprise you knowing that, before a live performance, in which I would be playing hardstyle for hours, and for a very excited crowd, I would listen to Native American music in order to simultaneously relax and psychologically prepare for the event.
Most people have a very limited awareness of what music really is because they only see the musical part of it. Did you know that Beethoven composed many songs while being deaf or that Mozart could compose at age 5? It makes you think, isn’t it? In fact, a big part of what you listen in music is merely vibration that has been subjected to the control of harmonic intentions. Even the sound of big and ancient Japanese drums, when properly organized and played, can make us feel calm and relaxed. And yet, there’s much more to music than what we’re often presented with.
When talking about music, the words used are rarely the most suitable to define our observations. Besides, most people are so focused on the words applied in a conversation, that they tend to neglect the emotions behind the words. For example, people that have done things they regret don’t like to talk about karma, and those that have experienced moral abuse don’t like to talk about religion. Most people also have such a deep negative connection with money, that if you tell them that they can be more spiritual and happier with more money, they will call you crazy, and stupid, and even attack you if you try to prove them wrong. And that’s the musical part of life.
Have you ever felt that you can talk whatever you want and think with someone? That’s harmony, that’s good music. And the world needs more of that, the world needs more trustworthy honesty and less fear. The world needs more music! We should be free to express our emotions and thoughts without being discriminated because aggression isn’t in what you hear or say but what you feel.

Dan Van Casteele

Author of “The Path to Success”

The Path to Success