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I have read lots of things on Satanism in the past, talked to Satanists, participated in their games and “lived in the dark”. And my conclusion today is that the whole issue is complex because there isn’t really Satanism as such. Many rituals, practices and values have been so interchanged between religions that it looks more like a political fight than a race towards any truth. There are, for example, so many different schools of Satanism that is quite impressive.
Darkness, on the other hand, is something more specific for me. There is a vibration associated with fear, death, anxiety, panic, etc. And because I’m quite sensitive to it, I do feel it strongly when near certain environments or accidents. It’s as if I could smell death.
I’ve also studied this topic from a very scientific perspective, what now allows me to see things more sharply than before. My conclusion is quite simple: the dark has many things associated with it, none of them good. But you can find it pretty much anywhere. In fact, even cultures and countries have a certain energy in them, which puts them directly in this scale. The same applies to groups of people, coworkers, friends, family, etc.
Satan, despite the fact that some Satanic groups claim to be just a symbol or concept, does exist. But I find it impressive than in recent years, many religions insist in denying its existence, or claiming that it’s all related to psychiatry. It’s not true but it is true that people often worship Satan thinking that is God.
Even the concept of God is quite complex to explain to common people, that from what I see often, don’t know really anything about it. The simpler way to put it is in positive and negative. It’s true that you do manifest the “light” in the dark, as in meditation and similar practices. And it’s also true that the “dark” manifests in the light, our perceptions, conscience, beliefs and so on, and I guess that’s the main reason why people get confused so much. But, as I mentioned, there is a frequency to it that can be felt and scientifically measured too. There are many important scientific discoveries that keep being hidden from people and this is one of them.
It’s difficult to study something without becoming it. That’s why the occult arts can be dangerous for the unprepared mind. We, humans, are naturally vulnerable to become what we think. On the other hand, even the simplest forms of art can become dangerous for the insane mind. Some people get crazy with very little too. And yes, you can get crazy, become negative, dark, with an excess of positive, light. This is what happens when people get a shot of knowledge that is far beyond what they are ready to deal with.
This topic could lead to a very long discussion but the key point here is that you really become what you immerse yourself in. So, if you study the dark, you think like the dark and you understand the dark, you are the dark. Then, coming out of it, requires quite a lot of work, that one can’t do on his own.
To a certain degree, anything can be interesting, but look at the Freemasons or the Skulls & Bones: they started as a secret gnostic group, to study ancient mysteries, and are now groups dominated by mad people. This happens to any human group that goes too far. Power and knowledge are very addictive to most individuals, and again, there is also a scientific explanation to it, being the most simple this: planet earth. Humans are on earth because they are too dumb to escape it. This is a prison planet. When a person gains knowledge to escape it, and rejects it or embraces it with selfish intentions, that person is, in both cases, justifying keeping himself here for a few more thousands of years.
There is too much ignorance, even in what people tend to ask, that I don’t really see any hope. Sometimes I want to answer them, but then, when I try, the reactions show the obvious: People aren’t ready to know. They think they want the truth, but they can’t handle the truth. They will spit on it, trash it, and ridicule it. And then, they won’t rest until the one showing the truth disappears. They will offend him in the best way they can to accomplish such result. And that’s Satan manifesting in them. I’ve seen it in members of many different religions, so I know that there isn’t one that Satan can’t control. The vast majority of the human race is extremely vulnerable and ignorant worship based on one book isn’t enough to escape the dark lord.
I think most of my life has been a contradiction between trying to be human and being myself. It still is to some degree because I don’t really like to waste my precious time and that’s what I often end up doing. Sometimes I have to go to 3 coffee shops just to read a book, as people can’t accept the natural silence anymore. They shout so much I can’t stay at home or anywhere else outside. It’s like they are afraid of life. Then there’s always dumb music playing loudly in the background, or a tv in high volume. It’s as if people are afraid of life. And I get annoyed because I can’t finish my book in peace. And I have so much work to do but I just can’t read, anywhere I go. I have to eventually try to finish it as I listen to trance music in high volulme. This world is rapidly sinking into madness and people don’t even realize it.
Today, many think Satan doesn’t exist. One day, many will assume the identity is a myth of previous centuries, in which we, luckily, still find ourselves, when we can.

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “The 10 Commandments of Satan”

The 10 Commandments