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If Christ existed…

He was born in the era of Pisces: February 20- March 20 (not December 25);

Was black: http://www.22lions.com/the-faith-of-idiots/

Was a Political Activist: “I didn’t come to bring peace but a sword” he said.

If he never existed, then he is part of a Roman Fairy Tale based on many ancient religious writings, including Jew, Egyptian and Greek, and Pisces represents, not his birth, but the historical Age before ours – Aquarius: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_Aquarius

It is, however, possible that the story is based on a real man, that was killed for political reasons, as the jews wrote about him. They said he was not an important person because only had 12 people listening to him, and that his mother wasn’t a virgin but a prostitute, and his father a Roman soldier.

The history of Jesus is the same as the one of Buddha, who people also claim to be born from a Virgin while the truth is that his mother could have got pregnant from a priest behind the king’s back. Adultery, sex with slaves and prostitution were extremely common and socially acceptable in ancient times. Besides, Buddha wasn’t fat and happy, like many portray. If he was from India and had to beg for food, he was very likely like the poor beggars we see there now.

These facts don’t change the importance of the message. If you can look beyond all these details, you can see the importance of the Bible, which has a message about compassion and understanding, that everyone definitely needs to study and learn. The messages of the bible can’t be learned in school or seen in society, and is difficult to understand with books. Unless you try specific studies related to the bible and quoting it, which can be good too.

The bible talks about values that are completely unknown to the majority. And you do have the freedom to choose between dozens of different groups and millions of priests until you find one that matches your mindset. I’ve studied the Bible with many groups, including Catholics since I was 5, but I can only identify with the most accurate and without strange rituals. I simply don’t talk about things we can disagree with, like the history of the bible and Jesus. I focus on the message itself and the biblical quotes.

If you say to most North Americans and Europeans that Christ is black, not blond and white, they will get angry, but it’s in the bible. If you tell them that the bible is incomplete and mistranslated they also get angry, but this is a fact anyone can see by downloading pdfs and comparing texts. In fact, you can even do that with quotes. This website, for example, has dozens of interpretations for the same biblical writings, leaving people with the option to, basically, choose the religion they want. These are 24 different interpretations for the same quote: http://biblehub.com/1_timothy/6-10.htm. And as you can see, small changes can make a big difference in the meaning. Ancient languages were more limited in vocabulary and also more abstract, so it really depends on how a person wants to see the same writing.

Religion can’t be seen or accepted as a dogma. You have to study it and understand it from your own perspective. You have to look at the values being promoted and take the ones that can make you a better person. At the end, the truth is the same. It’s just not obvious and clear by any religious book or faith.

I’ve read many religious books, including the Bible, from different religious perspectives, the Quran, The Tibetan book of the death and many writings claiming to belong to Buddha and his followers, Japanese Buddhist texts, and studied also the Egyptian, Greek and Knights Templar philosophies. They all talk about the same thing. In fact, it’s easy for me to see which spiritual writers are near or far from the truth, but also which psychologists are helping or damaging people, and which spiritual leaders are promoting their religion or lying about it.

I assure you that today you can forget about concepts, because many religions contradict their own books and founders. You have to be wiser than that. And yet, the truth hasn’t changed in thousands of years. Concepts change, people interpret them as they want, but the basic message is the same. And this is the basic message:

  • One cosmic intelligent force created the whole universe and controls its energy, God, Goddess or whatever you choose to call it;
  • This intelligent force is alive, so it’s dynamic and interacts with living beings;
  • Earth is alive and reacts to human energies, it’s a living body too, and that’s why you can feel it as much as the earth feels you. Native Americans knew this and based their practices on this knowledge, which they took from Atlantis, and that’s why there are many pyramids in North and South America, even though the North American leaders hide it. Even the Native American house was always in the form of a pyramid;
  • There is an evil force on planet earth controlling it, and that’s why earth has many spiritual problems. People can’t remember past lives because of this evil intelligent force, and this is the force that motivates greed, competition and selfishness among human beings. So, people that enjoy these feelings are feeding themselves from such source and prolonging their reincarnation cycles inside earth;
  • Human life has a cycle and earth too. Many scientific findings prove it but have been suppressed from public opinion. Humans are as racist now as they always were, and many similar species have existed before and were murdered. The human species we know prevails today because it’s the most aggressive and intelligent. In fact, the tendency to build bombs and kill “lower species”, the poor and uneducated, is a very strong and typical human characteristic. Many advanced civilizations of the past and their books were lost in this way. As for what concerns earth, when a cycle ends, earth destroys itself in that section or shifts poles. Many old and advanced cities were destroyed by fire and volcano eruptions while others by tsunamis, tornados and earthquakes, exactly as we see today. Some events were obviously stronger than others, and unavoidable, so people simply moved around and far from those locations, leaving everything behind, and that’s how the world has changed so much and so fast, and religions have mixed tremendously, adding and changing their own facts throughout history.
  • There is another part to this local story, and that’s the alien intervention. Many alien races have mixed their own DNA with human DNA, and it keeps happening. There are many people claiming to be a mixed race, or the subject of alien abduction for the purpose of mixing their dna, leading to a new race of beings. In other words, many of the historical facts, in which God created humans, are true, and this “God” may be repeating the same story in other planets, by taking human DNA and mixing it with other races of beings, in order to populate new planets. That’s why the cosmic family is huge, and that’s also why reincarnation can manifest in different universes. Moreover, having our DNA spread among many universes makes it easier to detach and escape earth, which is a spiritual prison for souls. And the fact that some beings (humanoid) from other planets reincarnate on earth also helps earth people evolve. Many advances in technology and spirituality wouldn’t be possible without such people. The majority is predominantly dumb, afraid and unaware.
This is the truth and, when we follow it, we can see that many religions lead to it. We just have to find which matches us and our capacies and explore them furthermore, even if we have to change between religions, or mix them at the same time. This is what I’ve been doing, I mix them to understand more, and it works for me, it allows me to learn much faster.
I have been born in many other galaxies before and that’s why I have the strong need to study so many religions, as it helps me awake my memories. However, even in groups that believe in reincarnation, nobody wants to believe that I come from more advanced civilizations. Most people I know even get scared at such possibility or merely the fact that aliens can exist. It’s unbelievable to see such amount of fear humans, including religious ones, have towards the word “alien”.
This attitude, nevertheless, can’t change the truth. Many people don’t believe I write books and wrote many, and that’s a truth. Many people don’t believe my ancestors were European because they say I look African, and yet, my ancestors were part of the European nobility for many centuries and that’s also a truth. Many people don’t believe a young person like me can make a living with books, but I do, and live very well, and that’s also a truth. Many people don’t believe one single person can have so much knowledge as I have, and that’s also another truth. Many people, including my own family, think I’m schizophrenic, despite the fact that most of my friends were and are psychologists and I have worked as a college lecturer for many famous Universities. So, if nobody believes the truth in front of their eyes, what should I say about many more that people can’t even see or accept?
When I sit in a public coffee shop with my laptop and write for 4 hours without stopping and fast, people look at me as if they were wishing I could disappear. But that’s a reality in front if their eyes, a reality that, nonetheless, they can’t accept. That’s a real person writing a whole book in front of them and in just hours under the sun.
When people claim that many masters come from other galaxies to teach human beings but laugh at what I say and show them, they are rejecting their own desire. When people ask me questions about money and spirituality but then attack me for saying something they can’t accept, they are rejecting the answers they need.
The truth isn’t hidden. The truth is everywhere. Human ignorance is what makes the truth seem hidden, but only because humans choose not to face their own ignorance. And that’s why they are on earth. To think that earth is a good planet and you only have to think positive is to be ignorant and assume ignorance despite the obvious truth. And the truth is that the vast majority wouldn’t survive one week in the jungle. The truth is that, after 50, everything in our body starts to hurt and fail. The truth is that we are born stupid and die stupid while living under the illusion of arrogance and what others think about us. The truth is that we don’t know the truth because it is suppressed by the planet’s energies and the vast majority of the race currently living on it.

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “The Sacred Fire of the Phoenix”

The Sacred Fire of the Phoenix By Robin Sacredfire