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There are many foreigners recently going to China but my story is a little bit different. I was called crazy when I went to China during a time nobody talked about it. Then, when everyone thought I should either start my own business in China, or find a very wealthy and sexy Chinese woman to get married with, it’s when I decided to leave the country.

I was working as a College Lecturer all this time, and in the latest years in the best Universities, but I god fed up of it. Chinese students are very stupid. There are 1% of them that are really amazing and inspiring, but I couldn’t focus in those 1% with all the rest saying crap all the time. They are very racist, have a nazi mindset towards the world, are arrogant like shit (particularly in Shanghai), and at the same time extremely dumb. I was always teaching in English, which isn’t my native language, so I kind of was ready to be kicked out if someone said my English is crap, but not even one student complained about that. They complained about the fact that I don’t smile enough, I don’t praise them enough, I don’t make cartoons or sing in class, I talk too much and I look like an Arab, not an European. And I was able to control myself for a few years. Then, I started to explode because I was really very angry and couldn’t take it anymore. I started calling them retarded, stupid and too childish to be in college. I was teaching them how to write a thesis. But they didn’t give a fuck about it. They just wanted to know how to COPY a thesis. And I had hopes with the ones I helped going to the US, but you put a pig in a lake and it’s still a pig, not a duck. They even attacked me when I complained about pollution. Yeah, that’s right. They defend the government when you say that pollution is killing 60 thousand Chinese every year with lung and liver cancer. They used to tell me: “Our government needs to pollute to grow the economy” and “We are ok with pollution because we are Chinese. You have problems because you are European”, and also “if you have blue sky in your country, why don’t you go back?”. So, I decided it was better for my health (both physical and mental) to leave China to those rats.

I actually loved China when I arrived. I didn’t know anything about it. Then I learned to hate it. If the Chinese had left me alone on my own, I would still love the country today. But all that surveillance and spying on me and what I do, the CCTV Cameras and microphones inside the classrooms, the touching of my stuff and papers when I wasn’t at home, the prohibitions towards bringing women to my apartment (Yes, in some colleges they actually prohibit teachers from having sex), the copying of my computer files when I wasn’t home and without my permission, the destruction of reputation with vicious lies when they don’t like you, and all the many other ways the Chinese have of disrespecting a human being and his privacy really made me very angry like I never was in my entire life. They have awaken a dark side that I didn’t thought I have. And therefore, they made me hate them. Because only a stupid idiot wouldn’t hate being raped of his freedom all the time and for so many years.

I did have Chinese girlfriends and it’s the same. It’s great when you don’t know them, and it’s all basically just sex and noodles, and it’s hell when they want marriage or you think about leaving them. There are many beautiful women in China that are completely paranoid. And when I understood that their psychologists are trained by the Communist party in one month, it made sense. Because, apart from the country being completely fucked up, and ruled my psychopaths, psychologists are just common people trained in one month to make you even worse than you already are. So, I guess that if these women were hit in the head with a hammer when they needed therapy, they would probably feel better with themselves.

When some of my students told me they had received a psychologist certificate to do therapy on other people, I thought it was a joke. When I found it was actually true, I felt like Santa Claus could be real and the world is really about to end in the hands of aliens made of jelly.

As a writer, living in China was seriously compromising my mind. The only two things that made me feel better after classes was sex with my girlfriend and watching south park (and I watched all the episodes during my last year in this country). Anyway, it’s better than alcohol, the end of nearly all foreigners I met in China. Every time I left any of my apartments, I would either hear someone drunk and singing on his own, or see dozens of bottles of beer at their door. And if I climbed the stairs up to my apartment on the highest floor, I would see dozens of bottles of alcohol every single day.

I’m still not sure if alcoholics choose to teach in China, or Teachers in China end up as alcoholics, but I have my bet in the second option. It’s easier to forget what happens than dealing with it. Reality can be painful.

People always told me to look at the bright side of life, and to not get angry at these things. But those that told me that, are either still teaching in China or depending on antidepressants to wake up every morning and go to work. One of those persons even ended up arrested in China under very dubious circumstances and reasons. And me? I say, fuck that and fuck them! I do have my problems too, but now they’re related to: “Should I go to the swimming pool today, or write another book?”

In 2012 I was poisoned under the orders of a corrupt member of the Communist Party (as if they weren’t all corrupt and vicious) working for the Guangdong Univeristy of Foreign Studies, and survived it only because I realized it on time and didn’t finish my extra sweet coffee. It was a successful attempt after many others in which they sent college employees to enter my apartment and poison my food when I wasn’t at home. And that thought me a valuable lesson about how far they can go when they hate you but are pushed against the wall with the truth, because that’s all I did, clean my name after they trashed it behind my back. And I did it using facts, statements, witnesses and an immense amount of evidence and research data showing it, which the embassy of my country neglected and ignored due to, in their own words, “fear of the consequences on other foreigners”. Isn’t it interesting how in the name of diplomacy anyone in-between is easily sacrificed to maintain it? But what about everyone else who heard this story? They refuse to believe it. That’s how the rest of the world reacts to the truth and threats to a human life, despite knowing that I was unconscious for 3 hours laying down on the floor of a public street, without any assistance or ambulance, and then spent the following 30min vomiting. They simply ignore everything and ignore you, while laughing about it. They basically don’t care if you die, as long as they can keep themselves alive and well, and pretending everything is fine. My colleagues working for this highly corrupt University didn’t want to hear about it, the President of this University ignored me, and my students, which feared for themselves, stopped talking to me.

I’m not saying that being angry is good but not being realistic about how rotten and decadent many people are is certainly worse than being angry. Anyone thinking that what I just described here is unacceptable or shouldn’t be publicly shown is definitely either stupid, retarded or working for a Foreign Embassy in China. History, one the other hand, won’t find the silent ones guiltless for allowing the suppression of a truth that may one day likely transform itself into a massive disease, as what we have witnessed with world war I and II. History repeats itself because the silent stupidity of the many prevails and we allow such people to remain in office, continually abusing their power and influence.

Silence is the virtue of fools” – Francis Bacon.

Bo Karma

Author of “Why I Hate Communist China”

Why I Hate Communist China