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I’ve written more books than the 200 already published but when I decided to transfer my writing into a business I also had to change from being just a writer into being an Entrepreneur. That is why I spend entire days studying techniques to improve my business. My writing isn’t a regular job as most people have because I can easily lose thousands of dollars and very quickly.
There are not many people that read books in the world, so writers and publishers are constantly struggling to reach the ones that do. According to statistics, I’m among the 2% of world writers that can make a living from their books. Yes, only 2% can do that. The rest needs a 9 to 5 job and has to write in their spare time. Some may work in another field related to writing to keep doing what they love, such as journalism or ghostwriting, but only 2% can truly pay bills with their own books.
Book sales tend to oscillate too much, and despite having many books in bestselling charts, I don’t feel stable enough in such a dynamic market. I can raise my income by three thousand dollars more in two months and lose everything in the fourth month. It has happened to me before when I was putting my eggs in the same basket (Amazon).
I keep learning from the mistakes and adapting but the book market is very complex and publishing companies are continually being sold or bankrupting while very few grow, expand and change. I use so many strategies that they could actually adapt to any other business. That is why I’ve been mentioned inside the blogs of some publishing companies, as they do appreciate my insights and tell me that they tend to perfectly match the conclusions they reach in their meetings.
The world of online business is very new and everyone is constantly learning. Those that don’t adapt fast enough are finished. So, despite wanting to publish more books, especially the ones I wrote years ago, I’m still struggling to make much more money, as it’s impossible to reach a safe stage without making lots of money. The two things are related. I can’t have a salary with books. I’m either wealthy or finished.
The difference between the 2% and the 98% of writers isn’t gradual. Most writers can’t make anything with their books. I’ve recently met one in his 70s that started writing far before I was even born and doesn’t have a single book review. The stories of many famous writers that decided to quit their career and stop writing are also becoming more common.
In the book industry, there isn’t such thing as fishes. You’re either a shark or a shrimp. That is the reason why almost all my books have become or are still bestsellers on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. I don’t even look at the charts anymore. I honestly don’t really care as much as I did before. For me, it is all about being at the top. However, I’m not competing against any other writer, and despite knowing that they are aggressively competing against me since the beginning. I’m doing what the best and most known writers do, which is to keep their strategy safe and strong, to avoid being washed way by the book market, which changes all the time like the wave of an ocean under a storm. That’s what’s really happening to the book business, a strong storm of changes that is drowning many in the process.
I do find time to do my own researches and read, and, lately, I’ve actually been reading a lot, especially books belonging to secret societies, which have many levels of understanding. I have always been very curious about alchemy, so I’ve been answering many of my most recent inner questions. When books from these libraries aren’t enough, I have to research more on the internet. As I’m finishing my last book at the moment, I hope to get back to my writing very soon. The difference is that, unlike other writers, I don’t focus only in one book. I will soon be publishing 20 new books, 19 of them written long ago while the 20th will be related to the relation between alchemy and money. It will obviously be my own interpretation of it but based on the Templars’ belief system.

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