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L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, said:

“Don’t expect you to appreciate completely Cause and Effect until you’ve tried it. Where have you wanted to be an effect? There you became an effect. You see, its postulate, again, is at the bottom of this emotion. ‘I want to be affected by life,’ somebody says. … That’s why artists very often wind up low on the Tone Scale, is because they want to render what life is like, so they desire to experience life. They say, “Oh, I want to experience it. I want to be affected by life, I want to fling myself into it and I want to have all the sensations of …” They get them. They sure get them. And negation of them being cause.”

During my entire life, I was criticized, by my crazy mother, religious friends, classmates, relatives, etc, etc, etc… and some of the things they kept saying with a negative connotation is that I know too much, that I think too much, that I should just experience life and “forget” whatever bad experiences I may have.
That’s REALLY INSANE! In fact, it may explain why I keep forgetting things all the time. They have somehow hijacked my subconscious mind and its ability to be fully aware and under control all the time.
I must say that it’s extremely difficult to live in such a crazy society as the one we have today, in which people, within their ignorance and lack of understanding, truly believe they can be the police and judges of other’s thoughts. And I do have problems that this majority doesn’t understand because I’ve been an artist since I was born and have experienced moments of fame quite a lot. Well, to be completely honest, I’ve actually been hiding from fame in the past years, as I don’t want people to somehow put their hands in my work.
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Dealing with insanity is a huge setback for any artist. It affects our emotions, social image, relations with society and our potential to keep working on what we love to do. And I do know that it’s nearly a lost battle, as I can’t be and not be at the same time. Eventually, people do want to hear me speaking, even though they will likely not agree with most things I have to say, and I do want to be more social, even though I end up acting as if I was antisocial.
These are the problems of the artistic mind. People like me are often labeled as crazies because it’s just too difficult to understand our problems. And I must say, not all Scientologists, Christians, Mormons, Rosicrucians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, or members of any other faith, can understand them.
Unfortunately, most of the Scientologists that I’ve met in my life, understand the artistic mind and life very well but from a theoretical point of view, and merely based on the many writings of their founder. However, ultimately, as most human beings, they tend to act selfishly and egotistically, ending up distorting many meanings within Scientology. And that is, let’s say, the rock in my shoe, that I have towards Scientology, despite the amazing efforts towards helping Hollywood actors and famous singers.
I’m a big fan of L. Ron Hubbard work but I now pick the Scientologists I talk with very carefully. And I guess that being able to differentiate Scientology, Scientologists and Ron Hubbard, doesn’t make me a suppressive person, as some Scientologists have stupidly labeled me before, but indeed a wiser person than them. Nevertheless, I was never able to explain these differences to anyone I ever met, inside or outside Scientology. The vast majority simply can’t understand conceptualizations in such level. I don’t know why, but it’s the reality. It is, above all, a reality that Ron Hubbard, himself, has written about when saying the following:
“Anything in a society which is surrounded by taboos, which is forbidden, will become aberrative to that society. That is a law. Anything which is taboo and which is forbidden by that society will become aberrative to that society. It becomes taboo and forbidden because it inherently held some destructive element for the social culture at some past date. Now, it remains in hiding although it’s no longer dangerous. It’s thoroughly hidden. So that you could make a whole therapy out of addressing one-half of one dynamic—namely, the Second Dynamic.”
I have always been against Scientology as an organization and I have always exposed this position openly, which doesn’t make me a suppressive, but a realistic analytic individual that ends up attracting the attention of social trolls as well as Scientology-trolls. I believe Scientology is elitist and indirectly suppressive of the individual’s inner nature.
Scientologists are just human beings, so I would divide them in a 70-30%, between the great and the “confused”. As for Ron Hubbard, I don’t really blame him for any “mistakes”, or less positive things done in his life. I think he was a great man and vast masses of mankind are too stupid in not realizing it. Even George Washington, one of the founding fathers of the USA, owned slaves and had sex with them, leading to mixed children that he never publicly assumed. As a matter of fact, the only reason that doesn’t make me label George Washington as a common psychopathic rapist, lays in the concept of “owning” women legally and bought from slave traders, which, at that time, was not only something legal at the eyes of the international law, but also supported by a Christian ideology, still prevailing today among many groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Church of the Latter-day Saints, claiming that there’s a legitimate superiority of the white colored people over the black, yellow or brown.
I could continue in naming many famous personalities that also had their moments of craziness. This doesn’t change the value of their work. If Scientology was more popular, the world could truly evolve very fast. That’s why I promote it and promote its materials. The knowledge of truth is universal, crosses time and interacts with many faiths, from the most dogmatic to the most spiritual. This said, anyone asking me if I belong to a secret cult, in order to explain the source of my understandings, is behaving idiotically and predisposing himself or herself to lunacy, while embracing a schizophrenic attitude towards life.
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Unfortunately, as most people tend to be extremely immature, can’t see the value of what I share with them and criticize me, claiming that I have been brainwashed. That’s what being normal in today’s world is for them, i.e., the right to be an idiot hiding an obsessive, neurotic and compulsive fear of becoming a minority to society. People are more afraid of being discriminated than living an entire life in the dark, in an utterly and super state of ignorance. That is why I truly doubt any evolution will ever occur, unless 3 to 4 billion human beings die under another cataclysm that forces the rest to act and wake up again, even if for a very short period of time, as what happened before, during the two world wars or the historical apocalyptical moments on planet earth.
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