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Men say they only want sex when they don’t expect more. The woman every man dreams with loves video games.

Every man has a game inside his brain. The reason why they don’t approach pretty women is not because they’re pretty but because they think it’s too difficult to pass level one. When women look at men in the street, they are again creating a game without level one, because men don’t know what to say and don’t like to lose a game in level one. Actually, they are confused with this attitude, which seems to be the favorite for women. The only men approaching women are the ones playing too many games at the same time, as they can’t possibly lose all of them at once. It’s easy to approach a woman when you have your mobile full of numbers you can call after being rejected.
I do know that most women don’t like to think like this and despise this way of thinking, and that’s why men don’t like romantic novels either. It’s not men that like things like fifty shades of grey. They can’t see a game with levels on it. Just a bimbo falling in love with a psychopath with money.
99% of what is told to women is bullshit. That’s why when I write books like “female logic” or “how to be a woman” they sell so much and get good reviews. I’m a man, I know. The thing is most women don’t trust men, so they always want a female version of it.
All the books I wrote about women were written from inspiration on the girlfriend I had at that time. So, I distrust women that are single and think they can write about men based on previous memories.
Actually, the smartest girlfriend in dating I ever had was very manly too. She loved video games and was addicted to it. That’s not how she pulled me in, but I could see why so many men were fascinated with her and couldn’t understand why I was the one dating her.
I know that it’s quite exhausting to think as the opposite gender but this is the truth. And yes, it’s not easy to handle the truth. The efforts to do what makes the other gender happy and keep doing it afterward is exhausting. But if men tend to die first, I believe it’s more difficult for them than for women. That’s why I don’t understand why women don’t approach men. From a cognitive point of view, it makes more sense. Most women suffer with bad relationships or in being single because they watch too many crap movies telling them what to do, which are completely wrong, even though following the mainstream belief.
The are two ways to look at life, logical and cultural. Most of what people do and in which they believe is completely cultural, not logical. In fact, in ancient times, a woman would have sex with different men from the same tribe and there was no marriage with any. This is logical but it’s not culturally acceptable. When a man has many women for a reason more than religion, like money, it’s also logical, but it’s often not culturally acceptable as well. So, humans are indeed complicated creatures. And yet, they suffer within their own cultures. It’s as if we were programmed to do things that are not logical. Unless we are trying to follow other reasons rather than survival of our genes. In that case, replacing a man with 20 cats, a dog and a romantic movie during lonely weekends makes much more sense.

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