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You must understand that men and women aren’t very different. Each will look for better as long as they think they can find better.

The fundamental difference between men and women is that women start having a fulfilling sex life and partying when they’re very young while most men have hard times during most of their teenage years. By the time both men and women reach 30, women already had an average of 8 to 10 relationships more than men, that average between 1 to 5. So, while women are more mature about what they want, men are not.

Among all the couples that I’ve met, I’ve seen that the man has either given up or thinks he has found the best he can. The women I talked with, always seem to have lots of experience, but then decide for that particular man because they think he is what she wants.

In other words, men and women want the best, but while for women that criteria changes along the years and due to the men they meet, this doesn’t apply to men. In fact, it’s obvious that the type of man that women end up choosing is always the one that didn’t have much options before, one that they didn’t like when younger. And that explains why such man feels that he is lucky, as it’s as if he had found the only good woman in 20 to 30 years of his life.

Now, when that women proves herself bad, we have a man that is inexperienced and unlucky, and that’s the combination that makes him search for someone else, as he has really nothing to lose, only gain. At least, he can gain more experience, even though, in his lifetime, he will never have as much experience as women do.

It’s not difficult to make a man happy and lead him to believe that he has found the ideal woman. But how many women are willing to do that after many bad relationships that completely distorted their views on men? How many women, that consider themselves modern and experienced, are willing to respect a man and support him in his decisions? How many of such fashionable women won’t try to manipulate a man and try to control him? Because, that’s the problem with women that have too much experience. They use that amount of information in their favor, to gain advantage and compete, and that’s when they lose everything, simply because a relationship is about cooperating, not making a war. Who would like to sleep with the enemy? Women that sleep with the enemy are either too crazy or too afraid to be alone and get old single. This doesn’t apply to men. So, when they refuse marriage and avoid a woman, they’re basically doing what is right, especially if that woman is insane. And unfortunately, modern values about relationships, most of them portrayed erroneously by Hollywood, novels and erotica, have made many women insane.

There is a reason why the word love is love and not war. This basic understanding can save many relationships from ending.

If women reading this think that it’s too difficult to learn and improve, to raise their value, then there is an easier path, which I’m not sure they will like. If you pay a hooker or bring a different female friend to sleep with your boyfriend every month, you can be as crazy as you want because he will not let you go.

The third option is definitely the worse, and it’s the one we’re seeing more. Women nowadays seem to be constantly harassing and attacking pick up artists, which make a living teaching men how to meet women. They think this will help them keep a man as if ignorance made men happier. Definitely not. A man that knows that he has found the best woman is always better than the one that just thinks he did. I’ve seen the difference and it’s very obvious. At least, it’s obvious for me, because I know. And as I know, I choose to be single knowing it. I can’t say I’m proud to have had many relationships but I’m definitely proud of saying that each one was better than the previous.

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Daniel Marques

Author of “Female Logic”

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