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There is no such thing as writer’s block unless you’re not a writer. Do carpenters have carpenter’s block or lawyers have lawyer’s block or teachers have teacher’s block? Any light can shutter ignorance away and this is one type of realistic light few writers want to admit.
The ability to write a book starts with honesty, honest observation, like the one exposed when you talk about yourself. However, most people I know are fake, they never say what they think, they are afraid to say what they think, and then wonder why they can’t write a book.
I met a girl weeks ago that told she was trying to finish a book about men. That is quite hilarious to know, as she said I make her angry all the time. For someone that wants to write about men, she seems quite unaware about manhood values. On the other hand, what made me distrust her ability to write started when she refused to say what she thinks about men. How can you write a book and hide your thoughts?
I usually say that you’re not a writer until you allow someone else to read what you wrote. And I did ask her to send me her book because I was honestly curious, and she never did.
I don’t think the world likes writers that hide books, but whatever is the reason justifying it, I could have helped her publish and advertise and now she will have to find her own way. It’s the path most people chose for themselves anyway.
In a sense, anyone can write a book but their mental attitude makes then unable to do it. It’s a whole personality thing, reason why I say that “they have nothing to say”. The first thing a person must be willing to talk about is his own life, and even psychologists know this. If you can’t talk about your life, you can’t think and write about it. But the level of unconsciousness is such that most people don’t even know how to look at their life. And that’s when other books come along. So, yes I agree there are many good novels out there. I admit I’m not good at writing novels, despite having good ideas for stories. Self-help books are more my thing, as it matches everything else in my life.
It’s also true that in the first years I got horrible reviews and attacks online, most of them quite disrespectful and hateful. That’s when I had to realize that people’s stupidity was threatening my book business. From that point on, when I changed strategy, the sales improved dramatically. So, I do realize people have a mental problem about knowing I write books when they meet me, and I simply do my best to deal with that without allowing it to affect my career.
Life is like a wheel of ups and downs, but the center is always there. When I face the world with what I write, I’m also facing myself, what I’m capable of dealing with, fighting for and think about. So, I had to inevitably realize that, as most readers aren’t smart enough to respect a writer that isn’t the writer they expect, I had to leave them only with what they can handle, and that’s the book, not me.
Most people that are capable of writing books quit because they can’t handle this pressure. They’re afraid of what other’s think, afraid of their own thoughts and visions, and even though they have the desire to write a book, they can’t handle everything else that doing it will imply, namely rejection and criticism.
At the end, we must be willing to recreate ourselves in life, including our personality as an artist or writer. This is something I have learned many times with other forms of art in which I faced the exact same problems. Losing something can sometimes lead to a better outcome than the previously expected, even if it comes merely in the form of a valuable life lesson. For example, my first books were about education and the last are about money. The last books are the ones I sell the most, however, they would have never existed if I didn’t make efforts to learn about money in order to sell the first books. Isn’t that ironic?
Most people quit when they fail, or give up on something that doesn’t work, because they don’t understand the whole picture. In fact, it’s because I could see the whole picture that I ended up in Asia, earning a bad salary but with plenty of free time and only four hours work a week, otherwise I would have stayed in my home country And obviously, seeing the whole picture, made me rethink many times if writing books was really what I wanted to do with my life. I’m still not sure to be honest, but I don’t regret any decision, as I didn’t saw a better one. I look at other people’s life and looks like a complete crap to me. Even the ones doing business are suffering. So, I have to say that writing is the best option I can see in life. Looking at other people’s life doesn’t really make me feel that I’m losing something. And that, I guess, is how you find your life purpose.
There aren’t blocks in what we do or our life. We are the block. Why insist on something when life is trying to teach us something else or something better? Blocks are actually the crystallization of beliefs, which happen when we insist on freezing a certain moment of our life, a certain need or purpose. It’s as if we came from the supermarket of the ideas and then put them in the fridge to take out later, but get panicked when the idea we put there is rotten. We can’t realize that life isn’t material, but spiritual and dynamic.
There is no such thing as writer’s block, but only ignorance about life itself. A writer’s block is actually a selfish and egotistic persistence on an activity that we’re not capable of enduring. That block wouldn’t exist if, before the writer, there was someone with something to say. But people don’t think in this way, they think they’re a writer with a block, which is like saying that someone with a disease has a health’s block.
Truthfully, you can look at life as you want. But the fact remains that someone with writer’s block isn’t a writer, but a person that wants to write or has written before, but lacks the values that a book must absorb beneath any and all type of combination of words.
I’ve met artists from many different fields, including music and painting, and the problem remains the same. The ones that feel they need to drink to work or a certain amount of rituals and drugs aren’t really performing properly or with an intention, but merely out of their egotistic and empty needs, and that’s the real source of their problems. They think they are superior, smarter or better, and forget the whole meaning that art actually has, because they have no idea of what art is. Many tend to hate the real artists, they hate to see success in others and they hate artistic demonstrations of high value because they undress their ignorance, an ignorance they don’t want do admit and, therefore, hide behind contempt and resentment. That’s what writer’s block is, resentment towards others, a competitive mindset about the meaning of creating books, a selfish need to be important in society.
The most obvious proves I have of this are acquired when I’m attacked by so many writers that can’t write more than two or three books, and can’t sleep at night knowing that I’ve published over 200. They wrote the most despiteful words in books reviews that I ever received in the past 6 years, and they are the ones attacking me the most in public. And that’s what writer’s block really is, shit in the brain, disguised as selfishness and attempting to transform itself into gold.

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