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The main secrets about money have always been explored and studied from different spiritual viewpoints but kept hidden from the majority. It has always seemed like a neglected topic for any religious group, despite evidences showing that some spiritual individuals and priests are extremely wealthy.

The alchemists and the knights templar emerge in recent history as the wisest in the application of these spiritual laws for the acquisition of fortune, taking into account that they sponsored the most powerful monarchies and created the first European banking system.

This history remains hidden in symbols, monuments and religious codes, visible only to those that can interpret them. Even common words from our daily life remain codified for those using them in the fields of economy and finance.

As mindless robots, over 99% of the world population remains in the dark, in utterly ignorance about something they use every day, i.e., money.

This book (Alchemy) describes in detail and precisely what only 1% of the wealthiest individuals in the entire world know about money and how they think, while explaining how money can be interpreted from an alchemical perspective. [...]

  1. The Alchemical History of Money
  2. The Sweetest Gold
  3. What the Powerful Know about Money
  4. Limiting Beliefs about Money
  5. The Most Important Skill
  6. Ethics and Money
  7. Reprogramming Your Subconscious
  8. Automatizing Success
  9. Business Futurology

The Alchemical History of Money

 Most people know that money is energy and that it is necessary to buy a better life, pay for doctors and get more comfort. Nonetheless, the best understanding of it is symbolical.

 Not long ago, money was blood. If you wanted more, you would simply chop someone’s head, take his wife, take his animals and house, and nobody would ever mess with you again. For that, you would commonly have to cross the sea. And, despite the immense amount of cultures that experienced this stage to the maximum, the Vikings are probably the best example of fortune accumulated by barbaric acts.

 On the other hand, let’s not forget that most of our blood is composed of water, so despite the violence seen during these times, it was indeed a moment for the expression of wealth in water. Even though the fountains seen in castles and palaces around the world are beautiful to the eyes, they do represent wealth and power accumulated by violence and blood. [...]


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