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The planet is gradually but quickly shifting to a new world order, a new logic regarding how to do business and think about prosperity. No longer the rules of the past apply to grant our survival as a species. Today, more than in any other period in human history, spiritual laws must be known to allow an individual to prosper and find his meaning in the world, to guarantee is economic health.

Very few people know about these laws and understand how they fit into a much wider plan, encompassing world events and a transition towards the Era of Aquarius. But, the ones that do, can, not only find a way to prosper, but also understand how to create wonderful and amazing ideas, as well as profit immensely from them and from anywhere on the whole planet. These individuals no longer think in numbers, countries or companies, because they have overcome the paradigm of the masses and are now seeing things from a much deeper and wider perspective.

This book offers an opportunity to enter such realm and become part of it. Along these pages, you’ll learn about the financial laws of the spiritual world and how they operate to bring more abundance to your life, while permitting you to fulfill the plan of God and uplifting your conscience towards a more spiritual existence. You’ll also learn how to overcome the barriers that are and will continue being constantly imposed by governments and the elite in power. And, more than anything else, you’ll know which one is the fastest route to become a billionaire in today’s reality while guaranteeing your success for the many years to come.

Who we are and what this planet is becoming has been increasingly unified under the same premises, not allowing us any longer to ignore our spiritual identity, as such may very well cause our own extinction as a species on the planet.

Learn more by reading Financial Intelligence & Magick.

  1. The Spiritual Source of Wealth
  2. The Spiritual Ladder Towards Abundance
  3. The Spiritual Laws of the New Financial World
  4. Requirements in the Era of Aquarius
  5. The Tridimensional Aspect of Finances
  6. The Importance of Our Interrelations

The Spiritual Source of Wealth

 The source of wealth emerges with the ability to think in games of patterns, in which it’s not through one pattern that an answer is provided but rather that any answer can arrive from the same paradigm. It’s the combination of patterns that allows one to reach a higher ground, a platform where the best path to attain the outcome chosen can be measured and decided.

 Any path can lead to many paths but it’s the decision that makes the opportunity, and the opportunity can only emerge once the decision is made. In this sense, there’s no such thing as a good business or way. A business is just one of many ways to make money. If you really want to become a billionaire, you don’t think about doing business, you leave the business thinking model for others. Instead, you focus your mind in manifesting wealth with magical powers. And, to do that, you analyze the investments coming your way with the potential you exercise with your own mind.[…]


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