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Give Me Money

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This is probably one of the most powerful books you will ever read, far beyond what the law of attraction and many other secrets about karmic structures and energetic frequencies can unveil to you.

Within this book you will find a clear answer to questions everyone is asking: Where’s my money? Who has my money? Why can’t I be rich?

If you ever wondered why the Illuminati, the Freemasons and the Scientologists are among the most profitable organizations in the world, and what they know that was also known by the Knights Templar, then you must continue with this reading.

This book - Give Me Money , will explain why you have been struggling all your life to make money but have never abandoned the condition of slavery, working for food and a roof over your head, why one-third of the world lives in extreme poverty and why only a small percentage of the 7 billion people living in our planet hold the entire abundance within their families, about 50% of the whole wealth in the world. [...]

  1. Understanding spiritual investment
  2. Reality and illusion
  3. The eternal path within
  4. The net of delusions
  5. The biggest illusion
  6. The source of suffering
  7. Title Page
  8. Copyright Page
  9. Introduction
  10. Understanding spiritual investment
  11. Reality and illusion
  12. The eternal path within
  13. The net of delusions
  14. The biggest illusion
  15. The source of suffering
  16. Where is your money
  17. The highest good within
  18. Karmic money
  19. Who has your money
  20. Why you won’t be praised

Understanding spiritual investment

 Your past follows a perfect synchronized line of emotions, intuitions and insights, which enlightens your perception of the life you have now. You are the result of that specific background, and the way you see yourself and life too.

You’ve lived many lives, not only in this world, but also in other worlds. Each one of those lives matches the following one, just like in present life you change your reality and transform yourself, in order to adapt according to you own experiences.

 The perceptions you hold within you are unique and whatever you avoid, hate or despise, is as important as what you love, understand and are skillful with, as the answers to both the positive and negative you encounter are in this and other lives you have lived. [...]


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