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How to Know What Women Want

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This book - How to Know what Women Want , answers questions that even I was looking for in a really long time. It was possible to get them after I met lots of hot girls from baltic countries that answered them, and also because I was able to apply lots of theories on them to see how far they would go and how they would react.

In this sense, this book is meant to open your mind and realize what women really think about men and relationships, so that you may be able to easily decode their behaviors and see what they mean.

To write this book, I traveled for 4 months in 7 of the countries with the most beautiful women in the world: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium and Spain. And so, it resumes conclusions from personal experiences and shows plenty of stories as well.

  1. Why Women Want to Be Chased?
  2. How to Control Your Emotions?
  3. How Do Hot Women Select Men?
  4. How to Choose a City to Meet Women?
  5. How to Apply Mind Manipulation on Women?
  6. How to Study Women?
  7. How to Make Women Excited?
  8. How to Make Women Accept A kiss?
  9. Why Women Love Drama?
  10. How to Differentiate Women?
  11. Which 3 Questions Reveal the Profile of a Woman?
  12. Why Women Don’t Care about Love?
  13. Why Women Lose Interest in a Guy?
  14. How Do Women Turn Men Into Jerks?
  15. How to Provoke and Tease Women?
  16. How to Think Faster than Women?

Why Women Want to Be Chased?

 Women don’t like to chase and tend to feel offended when you make them feel as if they’re chasing you. They want you to do the chasing and believe they’re not chasing you, even though they’re almost always the ones chasing. It’s very complicated and complex to explain such behavior, but basically women are the ones almost always chasing and making decisions. It’s just that we live in such a fucked up world that this is somehow offensive to them. It is like selling drugs but not talking about it and needing people to believe you do something else for a living.

 Now that I mention it, it’s actually funny that when girls like me will say: “I don’t know if you really make a living as a writer, or sell drugs, but I don’t care”.

See my point? They don’t give a fuck when they’re in love.


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