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How to Magically Make a Lot of Money

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How rich would you like to be?

Can you clearly say how much money you would like to see in your bank account?

Can you describe what kind of objects you would like to possess? And, more importantly, what would you like to do to get all that?

Following with the previous questions, do you think you deserve all that? What would you feel if you had it all?

The answers to these questions are far more important than what may seem. This book will clearly show why, while describing how anyone can become a multimillionaire, even without anything to start with. [...]

  1. The 2 realms of wealth
  2. The great spiritual wall
  3. The spiritual realm of wealth and wisdom
  4. How to magically make a billion dollars
  5. How to be financially independent and successful
  6. The spiritual path to wealth
  7. Why you've never lost your life purpose
  8. Heritage and the wealthy mindset
  9. How opportunities attract luck

The 2 realms of wealth

 Most people see money as something special, but it isn’t. Money is as valid as carrots or potatoes, or even a computer. Learning how to make more money is like learning how to get a better computer or more potatoes in the table.

 We are thought to believe that money is the root of all materialization, including our own emotions and value. So, when there’s no money, we feel terrible and believe we have no value as human beings.

 If others around us think in the same way, it’s more difficult to detach from this lie, because reality is all an illusion, but our illusion creates the reality we experience. [...]


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