Portuguese Language for Foreigners

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This book is a compilation of texts, exercises, and a vast amount resources as used in the best universities to teach Portuguese to Foreigners. It includes the most effective methods to learn the Portuguese Language, either alone or with the help of a partner. It’s also an excellent manual to help Portuguese Language Teachers and Lecturers in the Classroom.

This book - Portuguese Language for Foreigners , is based on an extensive experience teaching Portuguese to foreign students, creating the first Portuguese Departments for several Chinese Universities, and most importantly, based on the insights acquired through cooperations with the Universities of Guangdong, Harbin, Jilin and Shanghai, in China.

During these years, the author researched everything that exists in the market to teach the Portuguese Language, and that’s why he knows that you won’t ever find a manual for the teaching of the Portuguese Language that can guarantee you faster and better results, but also more motivating and interesting than what is presented here. [...]

  1. Accent & Pronunciation Training
  2. Phonetic Training
  3. Basic Vocabulary
  4. Basic Questions
  5. Numbers
  6. Weekdays
  7. Months
  8. Colors
  9. Presentation for Teachers
  10. Presentation for Students
  11. Conversation Exercise
  12. Meals in Portugal
  13. Vocabulary for Ingredients & Food
  14. Vocabulary for Restaurants | Dishes
  15. Salads
  16. Condiments
  17. Fastfood and Snaks
  18. The Time
  19. Vocabulary for the Classroom
  20. Revisions Exercise
  21. Translation & Interpretation
  22. Vocabulary for Sports
  23. Vocabulary for Professions
  24. Advanced Conversation
  25. Knowing People
  26. Vocabulary About Human Anatomy
  27. Understanding Meanings
  28. Ordering Drinks
  29. Portuguese Recipes
  30. Vocabulary for Shopping
  31. Adjectives
  32. Vocabulary for Family
  33. Vocabulary for Clothing & Footwear
  34. Vocabulary for Jewelry & Accessories
  35. Vocabulary for Cosmetics & Make-up
  36. Vocabulary for Transportation
  37. Portuguese Music - Level 1
  38. Portuguese Music - Level 2
  39. Traveling in Portugal
  40. Knowing the Portuguese
  41. Visiting Lisbon in 5 Days
  42. Keeping Yourself Safe in Lisbon
  43. Resources to Travel in Portugal
  44. Resources to Study Portuguese

Accent & Pronunciation Training

 Let us start by becoming familiar with the language and let it be part of our daily life. The following is a list of famous Portuguese singers and songs. Please find them, buy them, and download them. For now, I only require that you listen and choose the ones you like the most. You can start with one song only. Find the lyrics at the end of this book, translate them to English to understand the basic meaning behind the words, and practice singing your song while you cook and drive. [...]


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