The 10 Laws of Transmutation

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The content of this book is seen as a tabu for most people around the world. They even avoid it in their conversations. Because, it address the fundamental laws of life and how it is formed. Without this knowledge, you simply can’t understand how this world works or question anything else you learn and get results from most theories on spirituality.

On the other hand, most people are afraid of what others will think of them when expressing their opinions on principles that interfere with existence, namely, in the field of religion, money and politics. In fact, you can lose friends simply by expressing your opinion on any of these topics. And it’s precisely because they are so avoided, that so many people need the information that this book will show you. It is for these reasons why should continue reading the following pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Money as a Bridge to Better Experiences
  3. How Smart People Create Their Luck
  4. Why Knowledge Isn’t Enough to Make You Rich
  5. Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Honesty
  6. Why Money Can Buy Love
  7. How to Unlock Your Potential
  8. The 10 Laws of Transmutation

Money as a Bridge to Better Experiences

Money is the fundamental energy that guides the world and its societies. And naturally, most people want to get more of it to fulfill their desires. They often don’t like to talk about themselves when addressing this topic because it interferes with who they are, their goals and their personality. It would be like exposing themselves to others. They don’t want to tell how much they earn, how much they need, how much they would like to earn, how much they exactly want for their services or job. And while acting like this, they do admire those who travel, people who are rich, people who have amazing cars, and houses; i.e., they admire material possessions, and even though, meanwhile, they don’t want to talk about such things.

On the other hand, it is actually interesting to notice that the nations more open to talk about money, without any prejudice, are also the some of the ones making the most: USA and China. And while the poorest, like Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia avoid it the most.

Another interesting aspect to take into consideration regards appearances and relationships. For while in USA and China people typically value the ones who possess more knowledge and experience, it is in poor countries that you see people being more focused on external demonstrations of wealth, such as the way they dress and the cars they own. And this brings us to the most obvious law of transmutation:


Law 1: Your potential is defined by what you honestly express and seek to understand.


Now what is money? Money is a bridge between the spiritual world and the material world. The choices you make in life, regarding which job you must have, the partner you want to live with, in which country you want to live, if you should or not immigrate to another country, all of these choices condition how much your income will be, because they expose you as well to certain energy frequencies related to it. And quite often, people make choices without realizing how such choices impact them. They may say things like “I don’t have enough money” or “my job is not well paid” or “my boss doesn’t want to give me a raise” but while saying these things, forget that they, themselves, made all of those decisions, and can only repeat the same outcome with the same mindset.

So many times I have suggested people certain actions that only added more problems to their life, simply because they couldn’t understand that my suggestion demanded a change on their mindset. This is the case of one woman who couldn’t get a boyfriend: I told her to meet more men to expand her options, and find a more suitable companion. She ended up sleeping with more men. Now she has a pseudo-boyfriend in nearly every country she visits. That’s how she sees it, even though they never go beyond sex and empty promises.

The same I could say about a girl I met that was living in a dorm and wanted to buy a house. I told her that if she found a more well-paid job in another country, such as Luxembourg, she could not only buy a house, but rent it and profit from it. Instead, she found another job in her own country, and ruined her career and life, because, well, her boyfriend did not want to live in a poor nation, and ended up leaving the country and her.

Much more I could tell you about stories of people who keep on repeating the same paradigms, and reading things that reinforce their beliefs. Whenever you offer them an option, whatever that is, they take it to reinforce themselves. And so, I have come to understand that the best thing to do for such people is to let them fail. But can they learn upon failing? I have seen women ended up in a hospital bed with health complications and blaming everything except the real cause of it — their alcohol abuse and unhealthy lifestyle. And that’s why I often say that the biggest cause of death in the world is stupidity.

Most people aren’t dealing with the consequences of their decisions, but avoiding them and avoiding taking responsibility. Their dramas are nothing more than a repetition of thinking patterns that they refuse to change. And when they choose to read a book or make new friends, they choose those who can reinforce exactly the same paradigms they treasure.


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