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The Law of Attraction

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This book is based on an extensive research on the topic of the Law of Attraction. It resumes dozens of readings but also the personal experience of the author in applying this theory and helping other people from around the planet in applying it.

Inside these pages, you will obtain the simplest, fastest and most efficient strategies to change your life and achieve everything that you desire.

Each chapter focuses on one element that, when connected to others, increases the potential of our spiritual energy. And so, as you read them, you’ll develop a better conscience about which element is missing in your life, and why so many people try to apply the law of attraction without success, as they’re likely missing one of these elements as well. [...]


 1. Develop Good Habits

 2. Study and Learn

 3. Reprogram Your Beliefs

 4. Respect Yourself

 5. Love Yourself

 6. Exercise Your Will

 7. Visualize Your Desire

 8. Own Your Identity

 9. Surrender to God

 10. Apply Sorcery


1. Develop Good Habits

 Thinking about what we wish to attain in life isn’t enough. We must develop the habits that lead us there, among which, being proactive, visualizing goals, organizing actions and making sure that others can benefit from our dreams are the most important ones.

 Our heart is the center of our success, not the mind, and so, it’s important to exercise the heart with habits related to feeling happiness and abundance before we can reach that in the physical world, as there’s no single strategy, idea or technique, that will work to make you successful if you’re not feeling positive and uplifting in your heart. This said, you must seek to replace all negative thoughts with positive ones, and within whatever is related to your goals. If you have a bad neighbor, focus on a good one, if you’re angry at the lack of money, focus on what you can still buy with the money you have, if you’re worried about not becoming rich, focus first in saving money. You must replace all your negativity with the feeling of abundance. [...]


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