How to Reprogram Your Destiny

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Numbers can help you in identifying your spiritual path and discover your sense of self. Many things have been said and studied in regarding the application of numerology and mysticism to our existence, and such meanings prevail today in our world as before.

Considering that most people seem lost in life, struggling to find themselves, this knowledge presents itself more important now than ever. And it’s actually around us, in our daily life, in the books and movies we watch and read, as well as in many manifestations of art and music. In this book, you will have a chance to understand how God talks to humanity through all of these symbolic manifestations, for it intends to show you how to identify the signs in our daily life.

This book - How to Reprogram Your Destiny , will help you find inner peace and live a happy life. And this, because this book is filled with powerful truths about life, truths that will inspire you to see through your problems and difficulties with a higher capacity to solve them.

  1. The Number 3 In Spiritual Freedom
  2. The Wisdom in the Numbers
  3. Meeting Your Spiritual Self
  4. How to Reprogram Your Life
  5. Why People Do Things They Regret
  6. The Roots of Enlightenment
  7. The Path Towards the Spiritual Light of Truth

The Number 3 In Spiritual Freedom

It's interesting how, using different words, all religions talk about the same: spiritual freedom is acquired by a combination of three elements, that can manifest in many different ways. These elements are the triangle that releases the soul: Truth, Justice and Compassion.

• Truth is manifested with knowledge, awareness and conscience;

• Justice is found in our understanding, actions and thoughts;

• Compassion is applied with love, empathy and morality.

When the first Rosicrucians explained the philosophical triangle, they were showing one perspective with many branches.

The triangle that unlocks the gates to heaven is a metaphor of the codes that trap the soul in the physical reality. Reincarnation follows the exact same principle because reincarnation is another metaphor for the triangle of life. Satan doesn't want his souls to escape, so he makes them become lost in a labyrinth, which the Greeks described wisely in their mythology. The labyrinth is a wider explanation for a combination of triangles.

You will never be free with reincarnation. It's like thinking that you are improving in life by changing titles inside the same company. […]


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