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This book - Mirror , has been prepared over several years. It is based on personal experiences, as well as political and social events. In it, the author intends to show the reader a new perspective of reality, one which can help go through challenges and look at several events with more accuracy. Even though presented as a common glossary, or a small dictionary, depending on the point of view, this book intends to raise awareness on a vast array of subjects that are common to the world and important for spiritual studies in any religious field.

  1. Dictionary


360: When you head for a 90º viewpoint but feel like criticizing society, politics, law and education isn't enough, and then need to go for a 180º perspective in order to realize that hating the system isn't enough either, which makes you end up going the whole way and doing a 360, leading you to hate everything so much, including the opposite gender, life purpose, love in general, and even yourself, that, at the end, you decide to distrust anyone and anything, while feeling alone in a crowd of people without realizing that you're the one doing it to yourself and nobody else is to blame for it. Also known as nullifying yourself.


Addiction: I’ve suffered from an addiction for the past 20 years of my life and I'm finally finding the cure. For 20 years, I read many books to cure myself, books that promised answers and solutions. And yet, I couldn't solve my problem. I've tried to talk to experts about it and even religious people, but it was never enough. I hided my shame and refused to talk about it openly and publicly. I was scared about how others would react if they only knew. As a matter of fact, I didn’t want to offend the ones associated with my problem and leading me to such addiction. But last night I had enough; No longer will I be associated with morons.


Alchemy: In times of recession it is not wise to argue about the price of gold.



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