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The dual mindset in which we find ourselves all the time, struggling to understand what is right and wrong, good and bad, in which group of people to be or not to be, puts us within a path for a meaning that for many is still confusing. Many people wonder about their life purpose, about how to find themselves and about how to understand existence and its meanings. And in doing so, they tend to neglect the rules of existence or the possibility of such; rules which set the priorities for our values.

It is from these values that truth can emerge. And so, only when our values are aligned with the universal truth, can they guide us there.

In this book - Seeds of Awareness, several real life examples and perspectives are shown, in order to guide you towards the center of your true self, your heart and soul, in order to help you better understand the world and humanity in particular. It is a book intended to help you find enlightenment, confidence and inner peace.

  1. The Tribalistic Mindset and How it Conditions Us
  2. How We Reinforce False Beliefs
  3. The Catalyst of Motivation
  4. The Limitations of Democracy and Justice
  5. Obvious Facts that The Majority Rejects
  6. The Egotistical Delusion
  7. How We Are Affected By Forgotten Karma
  8. The Price We Pay for Honesty
  9. Doing Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto A Dog

The Tribalistic Mindset and How it Conditions Us

Most people tend to say, “I’ve changed” or “I want to change”, but this isn't a real desire or a truth, but merely something they need others to see, even though it's not there. The way we think and the way we look at the world, and the way we look at ourselves, are the same. And the reason why we may need spiritual therapy, an approach towards our inner-self, in order to embrace reality, is because we can't see these things in ourselves and, like a rat in a wheel, most of us keep running without leaving the same space.

Most insane behaviors come from a dual perception of the world. A duality that we insist that can’t be understood. For such individuals, everything is black and white. They associate money with security and lack of money with insecurity; money with hard work and laziness with poverty; joy with success and suffering with failure. And they also tend to see behaviors as positive and negative, not knowing that the negative behaviors many times are disguised as positive. A refusal to embrace the truth, for example, is a negative behavior, that can be disguised as positive with any type of excuse, from which the most common is: “I want to think positive”.

This type of thinking is what leads to rivalry, competition, racism, shame, anger, regret and resentment. And if we insist in emanating the same emotions, then we’re creating a certain karma, which is below our subconscious control. Not completely unconscious, but fundamentally controlled by our belief-system, one which we likely got by emotional association, rather than introspection.

Such individuals also think that the past is different from the future, which matches the person that thinks, “If others make more, then I will make less”; a mindset that leads to a higher predisposition to look at the others, instead of ourselves, our need to improve as a human being, to be more rational and effective in life.

People that have this state of mind, have to necessarily be in the situation they are. When I ask them about their Mercedes or Lamborghini, or other measures of their success in life, they either start crying, attacking me, or excusing themselves with other scenarios, like individuals that they believe to have the answer for the reason behind this outcome. This is how they feel and how they justify the situation.

The problem with the self-awareness of a dual mind, is that as it always thinks in black and white, defense and attack, me and them, right and wrong, correct and false. It thinks, “If he is correct, then I must be stupid" and if "I'm correct, he is stupid”. And that's why they can't get answers from others. It’s a self-fulfilling mechanism that isolates the one repeating the paradigm.

Here are some common beliefs I encounter all the time:

I am smart and poor, and he is rich and smart, so I must prove him stupid in order to justify why I’m poor and smart;

I work hard and I’m poor, and he is rich and doesn’t work hard, or does he? He is probably doing something illegal to get more results than me;

I’m a great person and nobody loves me, so people are selfish and I’m a victim of fate.

This type of thinking leads to something called tribalism, in which we easily accept what people like us say, but refuse what someone outside our tribe thinks. So, a poor person will always accept ideas about money coming from another poor person, but reject the ideas of a rich person.


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