The Hidden Language of God

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The life of a human being is composed of several dynamics in permanent interaction. Some have named them alchemy and, others, sacred geometry.

Whatsoever is the term applied, it is formed under the same principles.

These dynamics are the core of the reality we experience, both inwards and outwards, leading towards what is called manifestation or occult magic. They are also the root cause behind our own identity and thought patterns.

The shape and direction of the dynamics is presented in our emotions and the interactions we form on a daily basis, because they interfere with our aura and the predominant energy that we are exteriorizing, even without knowing. Nobody, not even those who don’t believe in these divine laws, are immune to them. And the prove of such, comes in the form of dreams that, quite often, reveal the inner world we try to hide from ourselves.

Along this line of thought, this book intends to show you how all of these dynamics interact with one another, by describing how they manifest from different angles. In knowing this, you will be able to have more control over your life and destiny, quite simply, because they are systematically repeated in the different methods of fortunetelling, and despite the differences between human beings and their own nature.

The understanding of this knowledge is of a tremendous importance for those who wish to transcend their spiritual nature and acquire a higher level of consciousness.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Dynamic Energy of Life
  3. The Language of God and the Importance of Love
  4. The Importance of Moral Values in Achieving Happiness
  5. The Bridge Between Truth and Enlightenment
  6. How People Get Confused about Themselves
  7. Why Arrogance is Self-Destructive
  8. The Main Differences Between Wisdom and Stupidity
  9. Why We Must Be Humble in Order to Change
  10. How Arrogance Erases Our Opportunities
  11. How to Embrace a Wider Approach to Life
  12. How Divine Truth Correlates with Spirituality
  13. How to Overcome Your Own Limitations
  14. How People Make Themselves Miserable
  15. The Relationship Between Health and Fate
  16. The 3 Main Components of Happiness
  17. The Fallacy in Present Moment Awareness
  18. The Divine Power in Your Transformation
  19. The 3 Elements that Contribute to Our Ascension
  20. The Hidden World of Symbols
  21. The Purpose of the Personalities We Attract
  22. The Message Behind Our Negative Experiences
  23. How to Change Your Personality Effectively
  24. How to Accept Your Fate
  25. How to Identify What Makes You Happy?
  26. How Can Love Change You?

The Dynamic Energy of Life

To understand energy, we must know how the physical world is transformed. To understand our own energy, we must understand how we affect such world, and how we can redirect it under our will.

Our spiritual energy is made of the same laws that conduct the physical universe, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to talk about spiritual ascension. However, these laws are not determinant only to the physical reality on earth.

Those who assume that alien beings would be too strange to comprehend are not really being aware of the fact that all living creatures are guided by the same rules, and ruled by the same field of energy. This is why whenever something of a greater magnitude interferes with life on earth, it also interferes with other cosmic planes, justifying the intervention of beings from other galaxies. It has happened more often than what many governments want to admit.

The positive side of this, if we wish to extend our approach beyond the dismantlement of atomic weapons, and into the relevance of our own eternal existence, is that, by following the same principles, we are also capable of attracting information that is not readily available to us.

The stories of geniuses like Nikola Tesla or Leonardo Da Vinci, among many others, who seemed to be way ahead of their time, comes from this understanding, which they did have, in regards to the fundamental principles of the universe.

The reason why they had such awareness, comes, as you will see in this book, from a certain moral conduct that they also possessed.

You can’t really reach a higher state of consciousness without strict moral values, and these values are always found more in aesthetics than religion.

It may be a coincidence that so many temples, like the Taj Mahal in India, are the greatest representations of beauty and culture, but it is not a coincidence to affirm that they represent the pick of their own civilization.

Whenever a culture wishes to demonstrate its achievements, it does so through art. Because art is the language of God. It is through art that everything is explained to us. And it is only natural, that we, as a species, are mesmerized by it. For it is art that reveals our greatest secrets.

Now, the question that many may ask is: What is art?

In today’s world, the concept of art has been so destroyed by the academia, and their self-delusional views of life that few truly know its meaning. But the few who do know, have commonly found themselves among groups like Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. And why? Because these groups understand the meaning of Sacred Geometry.

Not coincidentally, many others were muslims. But in this case we have to revert to a religion that was still developing its own understanding of the language of art through the greeks, rather than the type of representations we see today, and that, to a large extent, are nothing more than shadows of their glorious past.

The personalities that were able to see these forms, this divine language, in their own work, were also able to elevate it to a higher ground, achieving recognition far beyond their death or even financial acquisitions.

There were many cases in which their value was only recognized far after their departure, but nonetheless, seen by a society that took time to evolve up to the state of actually seeing it.

This is the case with the works of Antoni Gaudí, that are still developing, being studied and being admired, until now, by many around the world. Such works may seem unique, but only if you do not know that Gaudí was looking at what this book is showing you — the precise and hidden language of God, which is self-evident in nature.

In other words, Gaudí was trying to understand God through the mathematics presented by nature, just as the Pythagoreans.


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