The Secret Science of the Soul

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In this generation-defining good and bad, many authors and speakers, disguised as role-models and superstar pioneers of the new world, come forth to supposedly enlighten crowds and attract followers, while promising that they can lead everyone to the much sought answers.

Such seductive approach has been very appealing to the masses, that now live in a complete darkness about their fate and purpose as human beings. And yet, simultaneously, many also eventually realize that something is wrong with the help being offered and the many gurus that appear enlightened. And so, they continue on this search, unsatisfied with the wisdom received.

This, until they find someone that has been in many religious groups, has a scientific approach to all, is experienced in explaining the a complex approach to live in simple terms, and is not afraid to talk about the truth, while also exposing it from his own viewpoint and with plenty of life experience supporting such insights. He does not talk about being positive or happy without showing exactly what these terms mean and how they can be seen. And this honest truth is what truly enlightens a civilization.

The world needs leaders more than it needs saviors. And this book will show you exactly how to become the leader you wish you had in your life.

The book also shows a new but complete approach to life, including the wisdom of the oldest generations on earth, while also unveiling the path of the future towards which the most enlightened among us are already heading. And it doesn’t promise you anything, but instead shows you the raw reality around you, and how this physical universe is, despite what many want, guided by spiritual rules.

It is not a book of theories but rather an empirical guide to live than you can apply just by looking at your own existence.

In seeing such divine laws, you will be able to gain more courage, faith and belief in your true self, which will then reinforce your capacity to reach your goals in life.

Learn more about the Science of the Soul with this book.

  1. Chapter 1: Why Resentment Traps Your Thoughts?
  2. Chapter 2: Why You Must Ignore the Need for Acceptance?
  3. Chapter 3: Why You Must Prioritize Reason Over Love?
  4. Chapter 4: Why You Must Focus on What is Important?
  5. Chapter 5: Which Topics You Shouldn’t Discuss?
  6. Chapter 6: How to Choose Wisely?
  7. Chapter 7: How to Help Yourself by Helping Others?
  8. Chapter 8: How to Find Eternal Bliss?
  9. Chapter 9: How to Empower Your Mind?
  10. Chapter 10: How to Balance Truth and Desire?
  11. Chapter 11: How to Attract the Lifestyle You Want?
  12. Chapter 12: Why You Shouldn’t Confuse God with Religion?
  13. Chapter 13: How to Overcome Your Psychological Weaknesses?
  14. Chapter 14: Why You Must Prioritize Self-Respect Over Love?
  15. Chapter 15: The 7 Levels of Consciousness
  16. Chapter 16: How to Identify the Rotten Apples of Society?
  17. Chapter 17: What to Expect From the Higher Stages of Consciousness?
  18. Chapter 18: How to Identify Truthful Knowledge?
  19. Chapter 19: Why is Society Disintegrating by Default?
  20. Chapter 20: Why You Are What You Do?
  21. Chapter 21: Where Does Wisdom Come From?
  22. Chapter 22: Why are Narcissists Our Greatest Teachers?
  23. Chapter 23: What is the Correlation Between Reincarnation and Mental Health?
  24. Chapter 24: What the Personality is from a Spiritual Viewpoint?

Chapter 1: Why Resentment Traps Your Thoughts?

Any argument that reinforces itself without allowing a rise of consciousness, is a struggle for the predominance of the ego and not a search for the truth or a real understanding among individuals. And, the ego emerges out of the need for social ascension, the ambition for power, recognition and validation. Therefore, you can’t be at your best if you are always explaining yourself to someone.

On both sides of society, either it is religion or some evil character trying to persuade you to quit your dreams, they will engage in a confrontation for your rights, forcing you to explain yourself, to basically, waste your time for long enough for you to fail.

Time is the most important asset on earth. Life is short. And even shorter when you are working towards your goals. And even shorter than that, if such goals contradict the interests of the many and their status quo.

Expect the greater opposition to the greatest impact, on any side of society. The man who is winning and changing the world, will have but few friends, and enemies everywhere.

This isn’t just theory. As an author, I have been insulted by dozens of religious members, but also atheists, psychopaths and even the women who shared a house with me. The more important my work became, the more aggressive and vast my opposition became.

That, however, wasn’t where it all started. As a student, I was constantly being insulted by my teachers too. Because I was already overthinking them. They had to stop me before I could do something drastic with my abilities, i.e., turn into an author.

None of them told me I should be one. But they did said, and often, that my writing style is confusing and uninteresting. And it was in their insults that I found the cause of their jealousy.

If it wasn’t for their strong hatred towards my thinking and writing potential, I would never know that I should be a writer.

Should I thank them? Hell, no! I hope they all day miserably, with much pain, and then reincarnate as pigs, and get slaughtered miserably with kicks on their head.

Those demons deserve no mercy.

However, as you can see, they didn’t stop me. On the contrary, I care little about what people think of what I write. I have published too many books to care.

My purpose is to elevate mankind, even if the vast majority is too stupid to see it.

I don’t allow myself to get distracted any longer.


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