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Many children and young people with poor school performance have a negative attitude towards study, as well as demotivation and unsuitable habits. But it is required of students an increasingly autonomy in learning, although what is intended, in the background, is to develop in these capacities necessary so that they can continue their lifelong learning.

In this sense, it is important to know the various structuring and dynamic components in the educational situation, and how they influence each other. The conscious reflection on these dynamics is what allows parents, teachers and educators, in general, to help children, teenagers, and even adults in the learning process, and in learning with autonomy and self-critical capacity, thus obtaining satisfactory results along that route and also throughout their adult life. 

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  1. Learning Strategies
  2. Conscious Reflections
  3. Pedagogical Assumptions
  4. Adaptation to Learning
  5. Self-Learning
  6. Study Techniques

Learning Strategies

 Strategies are always conscious and intentional, aimed at a learning-related objective, whereas techniques can be used more or less mechanically, without a learning purpose by those who use them. This means that the techniques and methods can be considered elements subordinate to the use of strategies.

 Learning strategies are located at a very distinct level of the techniques of study. It is not a question of providing the pupil with a number of resources to succeed in some tasks, but rather respect the operations or mental activities that facilitate and develop the various school learning processes. Through these, you can process, organize, retain and recover the informative material you have to learn. Each time we plan, we regulate and evaluate these same processes as a result of the objective previously clarified or required by the specificities of the task. [...]


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