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Teaching in China

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Teaching in China is surely one of the most surreal experiences anyone can have.

When I arrived in this country I had no idea what I would encounter. I knew nothing about the culture, the people, the costumes or even the political and economical situation. I had never visited Asia before and never had Chinese friends either.

So, I can clearly say that it was one of the most shocking and complex experiences in my entire life. And this is a book that will show you why.

  1. First Impressions
  2. Life Inside a College Campus
  3. When They Hate You
  4. Consequences of Mass Brainwashing
  5. Chinese Cruelty Against Lecturers
  6. How the Chinese Communists Insulted Me
  7. Lack of Respect and More Insults
  8. China Behind the Mask
  9. The Tiananmen Protests Must Restart

First Impressions

 The first thing I noticed when arriving is how much the Chinese smile. I still remember entering my classroom for the first time and seeing all those asian eyes starring at me as if I was a super star coming to that country just to teach them. Flashes from mobiles were coming from everywhere. They just love the foreigner face. So much that I felt very weird when, apart from having the female students saying I’m very beautiful (what I don’t think I am) having a male student saying the same. Either he was or not one, the truth is that homosexuality it still a tabu subject in China, a country with very likely, the biggest gay community in the world. They are so afraid to be seen, or appear on pictures, spread all over weibo (their facebook, very often used to humiliate people inside the culture) that you can barely notice where they are or who they are. Many get married, due to fear of social repression and family rejection, even though never having sex with their own wives during their entire life. […]


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