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The Keys to Super Intelligence

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Our life consists in a permanent quest for a more uplifting and rich experience. We love to travel, listen to music, talk to others, and mostly create.

We all love to create something, either a family, a business or an impact on society with what we do. We desire respect, recognition and appreciation.

And, this is why we love to be praised, admired and receive gifts.

All these things contribute to our evolution as a human being, as a species and as a spiritual being, and that’s why they all directly affect our IQ.Although others have divided our brain in IQ, EQ, and many other Qs, they are all connected.

Therefore, although we may separate our brain in parts for a more specific analysis, it would be unwise and unreasonable to try to judge someone’s IQ without taking into consideration his emotions and lifestyle, because they affect our IQ, but foremost and above anything, our decisions.

The way we make decisions is affected by our IQ level, and that’s why the IQ test is so important in recruitment processes. [...]

  1. The importance of life experience
  2. The trap in how we think
  3. How intelligent can we be
  4. The perception of truth
  5. Why smart people aren't compassionate
  6. The fear of truth
  7. The perception of stupidity
  8. The potential for perception
  9. Why intelligent people can see more
  10. The deception of thought
  11. Why thinking differently is still thinking
  12. The help that nobody gives
  13. Intelligence in art
  14. Intelligence in Sports
  15. How the Greeks developed a super intelligence
  16. Why the rich, famous and successful read biographies
  17. Why knowing is everything
  18. Why Leonardo Da Vinci was a Genius

The importance of life experience

 One of the most important things, before we even consider thinking about raising our IQ, is the realization that happiness in life comes from special and personal accomplishments.

 All accomplishments are valid to impact our intelligence, namely, traveling and discovering new cultures and ways of living.

 Working abroad is a great experience that can change our personality forever, while positively impacting our IQ.

 The culture shock that is felt in the beginning is normal and part of growing up above the river of immersed lotuses from which we're commonly surrounded with.

 In fact, it's not as bad to know that we’re stupid than to believe we’re not while doing very stupid things.

 The only meaningful shock in life is indeed the awareness that you're surrounded by a world of beings that are completely unconscious about life.

 Those that claim that all human beings are equal either lie or don’t have sufficient information to judge. [...]


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