Destiny - 22 Lions


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I never imagined that one day my own knowledge would imprison me in a path towards real love, towards finding the woman I could spend the rest of my life with. But, apparently, this is what happened.

By following a more spiritual and uplifting lifestyle, I ended up encountering the ultimate challenge, which is to accept such truth with an open heart, in the least expected place I ever considered, a small city in the baltic region, named Vilnius.

That’s where I would find her, the woman who captured my soul in a strong way through the most captivating eyes I’ve ever seen.

In this story, there is a path of self-discovery, but also the discovery of two soulmates. And only freewill could ever tell what each one would do with the experience of witnessing the confrontation of the similarities, fears and differences being mirrored at one another.

Were we meant to live towards a common goal or simply hurt ourselves?

Were we meant to be together forever or just experience love for a while?

Was sex the best we could offer to one another, or was there much more beyond that?

I guess one day we can look back at what happened and answer these questions with more clarity.

For now, I can’t say it hasn’t been, at the very least, intense.