Disenchanted - 22 Lions


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This book presents a collection of poems inspired by alchemy, love and ancient philosophies, while portraying a critical attitude towards common social values and their true meaning inside the cycles of an existence filled with turmoil.

In doing so, the author seeks to explain where chaos and balance, as well as order, find themselves. Because, according to him, it is in the combination of observations and emotions that a divine attribute is gained by the seeker of such qualities.

From this perspective onward, more is added, for there is a paradox continually being portrayed between the positive and the negative, common in each one of us, with its relations between happiness and despair, but also truth and illusion, as well as disenchantment and fantasy.

Through this approach, an awakening of emotions pointing at the different stages of consciousness is proposed, and this while stripping the reader from guilt and prejudice, but foremost, naivety.