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Anyone Can DJ

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There are some key-points, that most DJs would like to know before their first performances. In this book, I reveal them, while sowing what makes the obvious difference between a successful DJ and one that isn’t.

During my very rapid ascension into international popularity, I was hated by many, because they couldn’t understand how this was possible for me, and they thought that I was being lucky. In fact, it’s easy to hate someone that is lucky every single time, but also naive and stupid to feel that way.

A smart person would wonder what I know that nobody else, with years in music, can understand. A smart person, would buy this book and learn it. But an even smarter person, wouldn’t hate or judge me, but instead improve from what is already known and described here. That’s why this book can change the whole career of those that are still starting in music, by helping them guarantee their path to success. And I openly share these years of secrecy with who is willing to learn them and ready to accept them.

  1. How I started
  2. From Production to Djing
  3. The first trials as a DJ
  4. Using disadvantages as advantages
  5. How I ended

How I started

 It might sound stupid but it all started when I was just a teenager with an old computer and outdated software, trying to beat well-known DJs and producers from Europe, in a competition held by MTV. Whatever it was the reason, I won against thousands of people with experience and top machines. And even today, many experts in music hate me for winning. Some DJs that I’ve met and producers, criticize me for not having the knowledge, for not deserving to win, for not knowing how to play musical instruments.

 Well, regarding the musical instruments, I can play at least two: The African gimbé, which moves I learned to perform with a classroom table and chair, when I was bored of being so stupid that I couldn’t understand anything that my teachers were speaking. And the Brazilian birimbau, which I learned to play with friends in the street, while practicing what we called Capoeira. [...]


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