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Most people don’t know what personal qualities and entrepreneur must have in order to be successful, and much less know that many of such qualities are related to pleasure. Business with Pleasure will teach you everything you need to know about success.

Unless you see the world from the right angle and understand what makes a successful person achieve life goals faster than anyone else, you will hardly achieve yours, no matter how much you work.

If you ever felt that all of your work never led you to the proper results expected, then this is a book you should be reading. Here, you will learn how to develop the right mindset to be able to perceive reality from a perspective that will help you accomplish all of your dreams much faster.

This book will show you why most people can’t be wealthy, why most businesses fail and what is the secret ingredient that everyone is looking for but very few are able to find in what regards feeling joy at work and in life.

  1. The Illusions of Those Who Can’t See Wealth
  2. The Mindset of A Good Entrepreneur
  3. The Real Reason Why Most Businesses Fail
  4. The Challenge Within the Sheep Mentality”

The Illusions of Those Who Can’t See Wealth

Despite having more free time than people with a job from 9 to 5, I do use it fully, from morning to night, and it's usually not easy to explain to those that look at me with a weird face wondering how I make a living from an online business, which, by the way, happens all the time. I think they just don't believe it, as I tend to hear the same questions repeating in different ways as if I hadn't said the answer already.

I spend about 80% of my time studying and 20% working. I wish I could just be working 100% of the time but the world is far more complex than it seems, and I'm often surprised about how dumb people with degrees in Engineering, Finance, Psychology, or even College Lecturers from different backgrounds, really are, as they can't see it.

I meet people with such degrees all the time and they do surprise me with their ignorance. […] 


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