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China Travel Guide

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After living in China for over 10 years of my life, teaching, learning Kung Fu, and sharing experiences with the locals, I have collected a huge amount of information about the people and the culture, as well as the wonderful and unique cities of this very special country.

China Travel Guide describes the most important information you need to know about China, with a special emphasis on the culture and the language. It will help you a lot, either you’re a traveler, a student, a business owner, or a future worker in this country, just as it has been useful to me and many other foreigners I have encountered during the many years I lived in China.

  1. Cultural Insights
  2. Educational System
  3. Eating Habits
  4. 22 Questions You Should Never Ask
  5. How to Learn Chinese Fast and Easily
  6. Simple Chinese Phrases & Words
  7. Best Cities to Visit in China

Cultural Insights

 I always try to take the best of my experiences. In China, I learned more about being practical, self-sufficient and determined. These 3 attributes are very uncommon in the European culture. Besides, the best lessons are never seen and can't be found in pictures.

 Another important lesson learned is related to perspective, or how others see us and how we can learn from it. For example, in China, a Teacher that can DJ is cool, but in my country is a shame, and I've lost jobs and students I was tutoring because of that, and also because I was famous for performing in rave parties. It's also amazing how 100 euros can be spent in a week in any European country, but feed me for an entire month in China, or the fact that being a foreigner in the Philippines is always equivalent to being very rich, but in India you can actually experience a rich lifestyle with what in most countries can't be called above the average. Again, experiences that can't be put into words, but are extremely valuable. [...]


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