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Elite Self-Defense

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The best self-defense technique you will ever learn in your life consists in avoiding danger, but before that you will need to recognize it and be ahead of the events when they occur.

The author of this book has coached many self-defense instructors, security guards, and police officers, as well as spies, in understanding the elements that compose the criminal behavior.

This is a book based on such theory, and directed towards the analysis such behavior and thinking structure. In this book you will obtain knowledge that is unknown to the majority of the martial art Instructors, knowledge that can save your life and the one of those around you.

Thanks to the information provided here, you will understand why the author can do things that seem impossible to many, like stopping a robbery with psychological control and without any need of physical confrontation, as well as detect the possibility of robbery before the robber even decides about whom to rob. [...]

  1. The biggest lie about self-defense
  2. How you show signs of victimization
  3. 4 Elements that determine an attack
  4. True stories with positive outcomes
  5. How to fight like a professional
  6. A hidden secret that only smart fighters know
  7. How to determine the result of a fight
  8. Why violence is only for idiots
  9. Why you must think like a chess player
  10. How to think about fights
  11. The most effective reactions
  12. How to measure different levels of danger
  13. A cruel truth about our human nature

The biggest lie about self-defense

 The vast majority of self-defense instructors is extremely obsessed with their own ego and too confident in their own knowledge, ending too often transmitting to their students an image of possibilities rather than efficiency in realistic scenarios. Someone wearing military trousers inside a gym or a t-shirt that describes explicit violent content, images or messages, is surely more concerned about what others think of him than the safety of his students.

Among them, one type of belief tends to be common in their classes and within their followers: Self-defense techniques can save lives if practiced with faith and conviction!

 That’s not true and here are the main reasons why. If you’re taking self-defense classes, you’re admitting that you’re not ready for everything that may occur and, nonetheless, you’ll never be, because self-defense must focus in a sense of alert and wise reaction, more than the amount of techniques known; New and modern techniques are created every day, all over the world, and many more will always be, because nobody agrees in a single one to guarantee their survival; One million self-defense techniques mean nothing, because there are infinite possible combinations for an attack and all you can really do is decrease the probability of losing a fight, even after being cut, kicked or punched; There’s not a single technique that can be 100% effective. […]


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