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In today’s highly challenging and competitive economy, many people wish to have their own business and manage their own finances, as it shows itself as a better way to have more freedom to travel and also to increase one’s income.

The challenge, however, isn’t very different from what we see in business owners, that now, more than ever, feel the pressure to continuously improve themselves and upgrade their business to a more updated level.

Taking into account the new paradigms being presented around the world, this book - Entrepreneurship , shows, step by step, how to start your own business, how to analyze the value of an business idea, and how to make sure any business is profitable and remains profitable for many years. Here, you will be guided into finding and choosing the best opportunities, but also into judging the choices of others more accurately.

  1. Evolution and Self-Worth
  2. How to Start a Business
  3. Methods in Starting a Business
  4. Business Levels
  5. Altruism and Opportunities in Businesses
  6. Reasons for Failure in Businesses with Art
  7. Keys to Success in Businesses with Art
  8. The Relation Between Entrepreneurs and Society
  9. Indirect ways to profit
  10. How to Research the Market
  11. How to Analyze the Market
  12. Methods to Analyze Profitable Opportunities
  13. How to Apply and Use Surveys
  14. How to Use Marketing Strategies
  15. The Importance of Attention to Small Details

Evolution and Self-Worth

 As the world evolves, so do the ways one has of creating wealth.

Often the problem isn’t as much in the process as it is in the methodology, as one may be using old thinking models that are now outdated.

 The same applies to running a business or managing an old one. Things have changed in such a fast-pace, that is actually dangerous for a person not to evolve with the technology and the mindset you have today.

 Despite the fact that you may have to spend some time relearning old things and adapting to new thinking models, the outcome of investing your time on that can result in much more productivity and efficiency, and that means profiting much faster as well.

 There are many ways we can follow to strategize a business, but I’ll here refer to the most basic ones, those you must never forget in today’s economy. And there are basically two paths in conducting a business: One is about offering a service and the other about offering a product. If you work for another person or a company, you’re usually doing one of these two things. [...]


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