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Fear: How to Overcome the Fear of Fighting

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For many martial artists, fear is the ultimate challenge. Despite the years of training, they still have the fear of being defeated, of facing a stronger and faster opponent, of being challenged somehow and not being able to apply what is known and learned.

It is true that, if one cannot control the mind, he won’t control his body. But what kind of training does one require in order to fortify the mind?

Despite the many and various answers that we can encounter to reach this goal, any path leads us to the understanding and assimilation of what fear really is. And, if we hold to any misconception regarding the real roots of our fears, such outcome will be difficult, if not impossible.

Therefore, in the chapters presented here, you, as a reader, have a chance to analyze yours and others’ fears, to rationalize a way to surpass them and train the mind, and this, while making sure that the path taken is the most practical and effective, for not only martial artists are capable of overcoming fears. And so, this is surely a book for anyone that needs to understand the meaning of having fears and why they exist.

  1. The 5 Origins of Fear
  2. The 6 Ways of Diminishing Fear of Confrontation
  3. How Fear Commands Changes
  4. How Fear Teaches You the Best Lessons
  5. The Most Important Ways of Analyzing Reality
  6. How Important Decisions Shape Our Future
  7. The Moment You Confront the Enemy Within
  8. The 3 Ways to Overcome Barriers and Failure

The 5 Origins of Fear

 Fear is natural and not necessarily a bad thing. Even though I’ve trained martial arts my entire life, I still feel fear and frequently. Besides, this fear can originate from different things, all of which can help us identity what we need to improve in ourselves:

  • Emotional Maturity and Confidence: If we grow up in an environment in     which we’re constantly told things such as “don’t do that”, “be quiet”, “don’t move”, “don’t answer”, “be careful”, “don’t take chances”, “don’t do mistakes”, “don’t run”, “don’t jump”, we learn to fear reacting on impulse, even when we need to protect ourselves;” [...]


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