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Feel and Grow Rich

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There are four basic elements operating in every action related to success, power and money. These elements are also the crucial ingredients within the law of attraction, behind its application and justifying its success. For anything that we choose to achieve in life, we must understand how these elements interfere with reality and among themselves.

When Buddha and many other Prophets stated that reality is only an illusion, they were at the same time explaining that only these elements are real. We may observe the material world but not the invisible elements composing it. They are Individuality, Intuition, Inspiration and Energy.

The secret of life is based on these 3 Is directed by an E. In other words, power, wealth and success, request an individual purpose, a guided intuition, an inspired act and a directed energy to be obtained. [...]

  1. Individuality
  2. Intuition
  3. Inspiration
  4. Energy


 One of the most important elements of success is the element of individuality.

As human beings, we tend to learn by comparing measurable and classifiable data, in other words, something that we can quantify and hierarchize. That’s how we analyze information and validate it, even when sharing anything with others. But you can’t learn about yourself simply by extracting the resulting combination of what you compare. You can’t judge your potential simply by looking at what you do at the present moment.

 The inability to assimilate effective knowledge arises from three main conditions:

 Inability or refusal to learn by comparison;

 Inability to deduct applicable conclusions;

 Inability to personalize the information.

 Unless you can assimilate the new learning within your personality, you can’t really say that you can understand it. You may say that you can replicate it, but that’s all. [...]


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