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How Billionaires Live

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How Billionaires Live will offer you the opportunity to know how a rich person thinks and lives. Probably, most of what you will read is completely unknown to you, and yet it reflect the reality within my life.

The information here presented is filled with real stories about real people, as well as experiences, allowing you to easily absorb the content with plenty of insights and inspiration. This book will help you see your life in a different way. And it’s such difference within you that will guide you into changing your reality and become a much more successful person. [...]

  1. Shifting Our Focus
  2. Honesty
  3. Truth
  4. The Price of Success
  5. Why the stupid are poor
  6. Strategy
  7. Business Levels
  8. Level Zero in Life
  9. From Rich to Very Rich
  10. Rich and Proudly Hated

Shifting Our Focus

 Many people think I'm smart, but I actually do more stupid mistakes than any of them, and most of those mistakes are too obvious to be considered mistakes of a smart person.

 It's just gets worse when someone reads my books and then wonders why I don't apply what I write about. It's quite complex to explain, even for me, being the responsible person for the words written.

 One thing that many people don't understand is that being dynamic requires a kind of self-annihilation of the personality. When I move from one book to the next, I'm the person of the latest, not the one of the first. What I knew was forgotten. My focus changed and the patterns of my thoughts as well. And unless I had multiple-personality disorder, the only way possible for someone to shift so fast, is by transmuting the personality, changing it, and adapting it to the new paradigm. And humans, generally speaking, are like this. Except that they move so slow in life, that have the illusion of permanency. That's what memory actually is, an illusion. [...]


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