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How to Fight Like a Spy

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Movies have popularized some of the most famous martial arts in modern days, but are they really related to real life survival when it comes to espionage?

A spy must fight for survival in the quickest way he can and, for this reason, strategies tend to be more important than techniques when it comes to escaping alive, especially when you intend to avoid fights and not enter them.

Although taking into account strategies to fight in a dangerous environment, this is a book created to be used by people dealing with criminality in a daily basis and for self-defense purposes only. You will learn not only how hot escape confrontation with weapons in the safest way possible, but also gangs.

Besides, it’s a book dedicated to the average citizen as well as self-defense instructors, and based on street survival skills.

  1. Tactical preparation
  2. Why you may want to avoid fighting
  3. Principles for fights you don’t want
  4. Why arrogance is your worse enemy
  5. Why spies don’t want to fight
  6. The common denominator in a fight
  7. Things that you can’t learn in a gym
  8. Why gravity and balance are important
  9. Fights against groups
  10. How to escape from a robbery alive
  11. How to escalate a fight

Tactical preparation

 If things go wrong, horribly wrong, you must know how many exits are available, which exit to choose from, and which reaction promotes better results and increases chances of survival. If you want to be prepared for combat, forget all the pretty moves from the latest spy movies and get ready for the ugliest. These are the best advices:

  • A small knife’s razor inside your wallet, next to the paper-dollars, because a metal detector can’t show it with precision and can be used as a decoy when preparing to give the money to the agressor, as well as easily grabbed between the index finger and thumb, to be used as a claw;

  • A belt with a hidden thin wire inside it, strong enough to cut a man’s throat. This is specially effective for women to avoid rape; [...]


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