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The Book Revolution

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The book industry is changing extremely fast. Publishers, distributors and authors are now trying to catch up with the trends, studying them, understanding them, and making as much profit as possible. However, the vast majority, despite their efforts, despite the opportunities being provided, is still very far from achieving ideal goals.

Most writers still can’t make a living from books, not even a few dollars, and making a book free isn’t anymore a guarantee of an efficient marketing campaign.

On the other hand, despite what is told about ebooks being a great and increasing profitable business, many new companies bankrupt as fast as they appear in the market, and many others still can’t profit enough from ebooks. In other words, nothing is what it seems or is being told, and many famous writers are not making a living from their books, or at least not for too long. [...]

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  1. The Real Value of Books
  2. The Real Value of Knowledge
  3. How Could Publishers Becomes Wealthy
  4. Possibilities & Limitations in the Book Industry
  5. Serious Risks for Authors
  6. The End of Bookshops
  7. The Future of Digital Publishing
  8. How Publishers Can Capture Trends
  9. Awesome Profitable Ideas for Distributors
  10. Why Businesses Fail
  11. Why Google is More Efficient than Amazon

The Real Value of Books

 The price of ebooks has been decreasing, and many companies, such as Amazon, are actually pushing it into as low as they can get, and they do it basically to increase sales, as they’re investing on the amount of sales rather than amount per purchase. It’s how they reach more costumers and countries, and maintain a loyal list of buyers. Everything else tends to be secondary to this approach. Even though Amazon is basically a company created to satisfy consumer’s needs, which means allowing anyone to trash an author in his own public selling page, it’s also interesting to notice the idea among most readers that believe books should be free, just like music or anything else that they don’t seem to value. This perspective of free market is allowing companies like Amazon to commit a crime that was once punished in the music industry for those that downloaded music for free, and yet, that very few dare to contradict and punish in court. [...]


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