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The Conscience of Disillusion

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Existence is intimately linked to the identity of who we are. In view of this, this work focuses on the author's perspective on his own life experience, reporting his most troubled and meaningful experiences.

From here, are revealed relevant findings about the meaning of life and how it allows us to form an identity with which we rediscover the world in order to redesign our reality; It is here that the author reveals the kind of truth that he could know, hidden behind experiences, both fantastic and magical as painful.

Even in the case of an autobiographical narrative, there are much learning to retain before the revealing interpretation of the most complete thoughts that can develop on human existence and the condition of mind towards the way of life we all have.

Nevertheless, this is also a challenge that remains for all humanity to confront, even though centuries have to pass before this start happening on a large scale. 

 Learn more in The Conscience of Disillusion.

  1. The Insignificance of Existence
  2. Success
  3. Laws and Values
  4. Dreams and disappointments
  5. The Power of Dreams
  6. How to Conquer the World
  7. The World is just an Orgy
  8. The Insignificance of Control over Existence
  9. From Dream to Dream
  10. The Contemplation of Success
  11. The Purpose of Life
  12. The Last Dream
  13. Back to Being Zero
  14. Offering the body to illusion
  15. Forming a Perspective on Personality

The Insignificance of Existence

 While not exactly old, I’m already quite experienced and worked tirelessly in trying to get my life purpose. But I do not think I have found it.

Still, I found logical explanations, answers and plenty of conclusions, that although not crucial to my happiness, allow me to see a path, in the absence of other better ones or more significant successes.

 Undoubtedly, of all the choices I made along my journey, the most difficult is to say goodbye. In most cases, not because I wanted to, but because I had no choice .

 Who said that love is more important than success lied to me, because, everyone who loved and wanted me unhappy has dethroned me from my dreams.

 My life has always been and has been a struggle , but a struggle of which the shed blood is no longer mine, since my decision to abandon the passivity of accepting what others have created and wished for me, to get what I want the most.

 This fight has been more difficult than I ever imagined, not necessarily because of what I cannot reach, but the incessant number of people who have tried to stop me. [...]


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