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The Dark Side of the Publishing Industry

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Less than 0,1% of all the authors alive today can make a living from their books. Much less than that, really know what is going on inside the publishing industry, simply because they lack the necessary amount of books, and research tools, to do studies and comparisons that allow reaching such deep, complex and hidden, but also still extremely obscure, level.

I published 230 books and created my own publishing company to fightback this system, once I realized what was happening, and how certain companies were controlling, and even manipulating the whole market in their favor and in favor of the authors and books they wished to promote. And it might seem like a lost battle, a fight of David against Golias, but it did allow me to position myself among those top 0,1%, while putting nearly all of my titles classified as bestsellers among many different distributors. [...]

  1. Facts and Colors of the Real World
  2. The Fascists of the Publishing Industry
  3. Lawsuits & Trends in the Publishing Community
  4. Alternative Paths for the Publishing Industry
  5. Links to More Information

Facts and Colors of the Real World

 Very few authors know in which platforms to trust and Amazon has too much positive attention than what it truly deserves. In fact, most interviews conducted by Amazon with authors are boring because the vast majority neglects the truth, even about themselves. They always seem to exaggerate or simply lie about their life, praise the book industry and say how wonderful everything is, as if they're a Cinderella in a fairyland. And I do know that what they say isn't realistic from personal experience.

 On the other hand, racism and discrimination are an important part of the reality present on the publishing industry as well, and that people still insist on neglecting. When my picture was online, the reactions were horrible, especially the ones coming from the US. This, actually affected my sales. People do judge a book by the face of the author, more than its cover. It's sad to realize it, but made me awake to the fact that racism and prejudice are still very common in a world that insists on not evolving much despite the social appearances indicating otherwise. […]


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