The Illusion of

The Illusion of "Me"

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How much we believe that we can change and how much we can actually change, isn't as much related to our character and attitude towards life as it is connected to the environment surrounding us and the type of people we meet.

After traveling around the world, there were many conclusions achieved about human beings and myself, throughout the process of rediscovering my identity and the meaning of having one.

In the following chapters, I reveal how I found myself and my purpose in life, after traveling and working abroad, in dozens of different countries.

  1. The shock of being different
  2. The illusion of culture
  3. The illusion in friends and family
  4. Looking at ourselves through the world
  5. Redefining an identity
  6. Why being humble matters
  7. How small is the world

The shock of being different

 The shock of realizing how different we are and becoming aware of the differences among people around the world, especially when confronted with a new culture, is both benefiting and challenging.

On top of it, I do believe that it puts us in a new level of responsibility towards life.

 Some can't deal with it and become more confused about the world, others get drunk in their delusional pride, and then the rest, a very few, redirect their life into a more fulfilling path.

 The last aren't necessarily the most successful, but they seem to be the happiest, and they do have more stories about failure and more lessons to share about such failures.

 I've seen all the three reactions, but never do people stay the same after experiencing challenges in different cultures, unless they hide from the world, and spend their days closed inside their apartment playing videogames, as I also saw it several times among those that are too immature to face the world. [...]


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