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The School of Life

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If you feel that this world seems too crazy to understand, too neurotic and contradictory as well, then this is the book you should be reading.

In the following pages, you’ll know the most important life lessons that nobody ever had the courage to share with you. Some, died without ever finding these answers, while others found the truth within them too unbearable to confront and much less speak about. And yet, how many lives were wasted for the lack of this information?

It is time to shift your fate and recreate your life by accepting the truth as it is, not as someone else would have told you or wants you to believe.

There is no cheap philosophy in this book but only direct and sharp words associated with facts, which you can see for yourself. It’s a manifesto to life, to awaken you and make you live better than the vast majority.

This information will definitely make you look, behave and be perceived as a smarter and wiser person.

The world urgently needs people that are awakened. Read this book and be one of them! And stop fearing fear or being afraid of anything, including of thinking like you should!

Learn more by reading The School of Life.