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Thinking in Chinese

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After nearly 10 years of my life working for Chinese companies, most of them the richest and most powerful, there were many things that started to become obvious for me and that clearly differentiate the results between these and western companies.

This acknowledgment became clearer when I started doing business with the Chinese and making many Chinese friends in the business world. And even more when I noticed the differences in business models that they apply in different countries, and from the smallest to the biggest investments.

The Chinese are very flexible and that's what makes them more efficient in creating and running a business, but there are common rules to everything they do, that could actually make anyone profit as much as them and from anything.

This book resumes 10 of those very important values.

These are the most significant values seen in all the rich and important companies I've seen in China and abroad. [...]

  1. Nr.1 - Save money and as much as possible
  2. Nr.2 - Always work harder and faster
  3. Nr.3 - Quality and efficiency are relative to profit
  4. Nr.4 - Think like a farmer
  5. Nr.5 - Think in dynamics instead of quantities
  6. Nr.6 - Be patient with others but impatient with yourself
  7. Nr. 7 - Don’t allow emotions to control you
  8. Nr.8 - Copy from the best without shame
  9. Nr.9 - Cooperation is more important than competition
  10. Nr.10 - Work for something greater than yourself

Nr.1 - Save money and as much as possible

 Money isn’t only about what you earn, but also, and equally importantly, about how much you save.

 The Chinese focus on both things to develop their riches.

As an example, while a typical westerner entrepreneur would think about how to pay two rents, such as his house and an office or shop, a Chinese would save money by either setting his business at home or by sleeping in his own workplace.

 This principle literally applies as well when they have work to do in the office, as they’ll have a bed to sleep inside the company when not finishing their work on time, or when having excess of work to do. [...]


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