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Why I Hate Communist China

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I must say that it’s quite unbelievable for me to see how many efforts the media are doing nowadays to brainwash people into accepting the Chinese values as the best in the world.

It’s also very surprising to notice that now almost every movie and TV series finds a reason to either talk or show China on the screens.

I truly don’t understand why so many people are suddenly obsessed about this country.

I have lived there for several years of my life and left, like many foreigners do, because, after a while, it’s just unbearable, and it drives you crazy. There is too much insanity and injustice in that country.

It’s definitely not a place to live and much less worship as an ideal country. However, I decided to be more specific about my point of view, and that’s the reason why this book was written.

  1. Everyone questions your privacy
  2. You can’t really think or talk
  3. The Communist ways of doing things
  4. The Sick Games of the Communists
  5. Those who leave don’t look back

Everyone questions your privacy

 One of the things that made me very angry in China, and was one of the reasons for me to leave, is the paranoia about espionage that the Chinese have.

 I understand that the government needs to spy on me and others foreigners entering the country. I have no problem with that, even though it’s quite unpleasant how irresponsible they are in doing it. My computer crashed more in the first two months I entered China than ever before in my entire life. And, I’ve lost many files and emails because of this tendency of putting millions of Chinese, that are actually very dumb, stupid and irresponsible, spying on people without any consideration for the consequences. [...]


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