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How to Be a Bad Boy

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There are many guys out there suffering with the nice guy syndrome, really lots of men. And the reason why so many men suffer from this disease, which brainwashes them with totally false ideas on women, is related to the media, falsehoods spread, fundamentally, by feminists, and even bad parenthood.

Many men actually believe that women will love them more if they’re friendly and nice. And well, while being a total douchebag isn’t socially acceptable, there’s more gold into it than anyone would ever like to make you believe. And even though I don’t consider myself a douchebag, I did have to interview the best ones I ever met to get further information on how to be a bad boy.

This book is based on a compilation of interviews made to three of the greatest douchebags I ever met. All of the interviewed players were dating multiple women at the same time, had a fulfilling sex life, and were able to pull in super hot women, and mostly super models.