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How to be a Lion

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The knowledge presented in this book - how to be a lion , has been requested several times but only now shown due to the implications that it may have.

The techniques described here were developed through years of study on the basic instincts of the human mind and shouldn't be used by anyone that isn't mature enough to deal with the consequences that they may bring to his life.

They also shouldn't be used indiscriminately in any given situation, because they serve the purpose of helping the reader become more true to himself and not necessarily guide anyone in the same path.

The amount of success that can be obtained by following them, comes foremost from the responsibility, wisdom and experience in applying this knowledge while avoiding the temptation of manipulating anyone with it. [...]

  1. What did the first alphas knew
  2. Why do women play games
  3. The main secret of the alpha male
  4. The worst enemy to manhood
  5. Why only weak men compete
  6. Why an alpha man is also a natural
  7. How alphas confront their fears
  8. Why is appearance important
  9. How to make women approach you
  10. How to learn from women
  11. Why women love musicians
  12. Why you should be positive
  13. What women fantasize about
  14. Why ancient tribes had manhood rituals
  15. How to deal with territorial disputes
  16. Using martial arts to train the mind
  17. How to create an emotional connection
  18. How to talk to negative women
  19. How to deal with difficult women
  20. How to escalate a relationship
  21. How to touch a woman
  22. How to kiss a woman
  23. How to deal with rejection
  24. Why women stay in abusive relationships
  25. Why you should respect women
  26. How to make a woman want to sleep with you
  27. How to overcome a woman resistance
  28. How to make a woman think dirty
  29. How not to be manipulated by a woman
  30. How to make a woman pay attention to you
  31. How to avoid answering personal questions
  32. Why you should avoid women with bad temper
  33. How to make a woman love you
  34. How to seduce an introverted woman
  35. How to answer dating questions
  36. Where to meet women
  37. How can your friends help you meet women
  38. How to prepare your room for women
  39. How to use the law of attraction to attract women
  40. The relation between you and your experiences

What did the first alphas knew

 There's a basic principle that alpha males, since the beginning of times, understood. It says that, in the end, it's not so much about applying whatsoever as it is about learning how to play by the rules that lead both partners to a win-win situation.

 In other words, in every single culture around the world, since the most primitive to the most modern, it was always about a man getting what he wants from the woman that allows it. Anything beyond that is called a rape.

 There's a sense of perceived value in both genders, which leads them to be together. And if we still have so many ugly and fat people in the world, either the values have been changing or beauty isn't the most important of them.

When we look at other animal species, this principle can be easily comprehended, as when an animal is hunting for a pray it isn't as much about the hunter as it is about the pray.

 If we’re talking about lions and buffaloes, surely the easiest pray will be the oldest, youngest and weakest. […]


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